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Three Common Winter Skin Problems

Although the summer can leave us relaxed, glowing, and with sun-kissed skin, it can come at a cost. Spending too much time in the sun can be damaging, causing uneven skin tone and texture, leaving our skin dried out.  Even the most vigilant among us can end up with a few unfamiliar wrinkles or sun spots after a few months in the sun.

We look at the three most common problems and how you can give your post summer complexion a serious boost ready for the colder months ahead.

Sun Damage

Polish and tone sun damaged skin 

Some exposure to the sun is important to top up on vitamin D, but over exposure to the sun and sunbed exposure can damage skin. Sun damage can age your skin before its time and carries serious health risks as well. After years of tanning, you are at higher risk of cellular damage, premature ageing, age spots and skin cancer, including malignant melanoma, the most serious type. Sun spots are essentially a sign of ageing. They’re the small, flat, dark spots that you might have on your hands, chest or face. They’re normally brought on by sun exposure – their technical name is solar lentigines, but are also referred to as liver spots.

Vampire FaceliftFractional CO2 Laser can transform the appearance of your sun damaged skin by removing dead skin and improving the tone and texture of damaged skin. For even better results this treatment can be performed alongside PRP or The Vampire Facelift. The vampire facelift utilises your body’s own healing processes to reduce post laser downtime and promote collagen production. This treatment is popular amongst celebrities, including Kim Kardashian who’s dewy, flawless complexion is achieved using these treatments.

Dry Skin

Invest in a good moisturiser

Hyaluronic acid creamDuring the winter months it’s not unusual for your skin to look and feel dry, flaky and even itchy, meaning your post-shower moisturise might not be enough come winter. In the winter months you should moisturise at least once a day, but if you’re prone to dry, flaky skin, then you should moisturise 2-3 times a day, Look for moisturisers with occlusive ingredients like petrolatum or mineral oil that prevent evaporation and water loss from the skin. We love Avene’s Eluage Cream which contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps rehydrate the skin from beneath by trapping water molecules under the skin. Not only is your skin rehydrated but it can also help with loss of volume.

Red Face

Winterproofing Laser Treatment

Rosacea causes small blood vessels to swell and become more visible, giving the face a red glow. In addition, pimply bumps resembling adult acne often appear on the nose and cheeks. You may be more susceptible to rosacea if it runs in your family.

Three Winter Skin ProblemsRoscea can be treated using medical grade lasers. The laser light penetrates the skin keeping it intact until it reaches the vessel. Once the laser energy reaches the vessel, it is immediately absorbed. At this point the light energy turns into heat that causes the line of the vessel (the vein) to become inflamed. This triggers the healing process and veins gradually reduce in diameter and disappear. The laser energy is delivered through a chilled window to protect the patient’s skin and provide comfort. Generally patients notice a marked improvement after the second or third treatment. Once fully treated we recommend patients have a yearly maintenance treatment.

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