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Summer Skin Tips For Every Age: In Your 30’s

We look at how to look after your skin whatever your age this summer. From products to diet we have all the secrets to glowing summer skin.

In Your 30’s 

Sienna Miller, 31

Sienna MIller


SunscreenYour 30s is a good time to amp up your preventative routine. Take a good look at your parents and grandparents to assess the care your own skin needs now. Use SPF 30 every day, on all exposed areas. Find a sun cream that is convenient for your lifestyle, whether it’s spray, lotion, cream, or a stick roll-on. This ensures that you’ll use it. And don’t forget your lips – keep them soft, radiant and protected.


Try a laser dermabrasion every 3-4 months to keep skin polished and smooth. Now is a good time to also try Botox to ease developing lines and prevent deepening of frown lines and crow’s feet. But remember that skincare isn’t one size fits all. If you have fair, or thin skin, your skin may require more maintenance and sun protection than someone with dark skin and a fuller face.

Limit AlcoholDepending on your skin type (and your genetics) you may start to see some fine lines and complexion dullness. To keep your skin fresh good nutrition is key. Try to limit your alcohol intake. This helps flush the body of toxins and lets the skin stay supple. Pure spring water and green tea are quenching alternatives.


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teapigs green teaTeapigs Green Tea

This tea has a delicate natural taste of fresh summer air, peaches and apricots. The infusion will turn clear pale green (not the murky brown you often see with standard green teas).

There are many reputed benefits of drinking green tea, ranging from weight loss to anti-ageing.


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