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Summer Skin Tips For Every Age: In Your 20’s

We look at how to look after your skin whatever your age this summer. From products to diet we have all the secrets to glowing summer skin.

In Your 20’s

Mollie King, 26



avocadoAging skin is the last thing on you’re mind when you’re hitting the beach, but taking some easy steps now can prevent long-term damage. Research shows that eating “sun-proof” foods loaded with antioxidants like kale, tomatoes, avocados, almonds and Greek yogurt can have a positive effect on your skin. Other tasty summer sun foods that pack an antioxidant punch are papaya, raspberries and oranges.


Cold ShowerEven the most cautious fall victim to occasional sunburn; follow up with a skin-saving action plan to avoid permanent damage. Keep Aloe Vera chilled in the fridge for maximum relief when applying it after skin has been exposed. Try having a cool bath or shower to soothe inflammation. For bad sunburns that develop blisters or fever, be sure to see your doctor.

At the moment you’re blessed with wrinkle-free skin, but chances are you still battle breakouts—especially in summer’s relentless heat and humidity. So resist the urge to head straight to bed after sunning yourself. Not washing your face leads to breakouts, but it can also give the skin a dull, lined appearance. You’ll thank yourself later for starting good habits—night time cleansing, daily SPF, and a little preventative treatment.

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Papaya & Raspberry

Papaya, Raspberry, Orange & Melon Smoothies

This tasty smoothie is great for breakfast, and not only will it keep your hunger at bay until lunch time, its also good for your skin.

Simply blend half a papaya, a handful of raspberries, an orange and a quarter of a melon of your choice, along with a handful of ice cubes. Perfect for summer.


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