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Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

If you suffer from acne or have been left with scarring as a result of acne, Natura can help minimise scar tissue using laser to give you smooth skin and confidence.

Acne scarring is a particular issue, for teenagers and adults alike. Squeezing or picking acne can worsen symptoms and results in serious and permanent scars. Luckily nearly all cases of acne are now treatable, and scars can be reduced or even eliminated using special lasers that gently remove the top layer of the skin.

How It Works

Our treatment effectively kills off the long-lasting bacteria, reduces any redness and allows collagen to remodel and calm the over-active sebaceous glands, reducing the oil production. This effective medical procedure leaves your skin looking smoother and healthier. Laser treatments are often described as a safer alternative to medication. It is well known that overuse of antibiotics can have a detrimental effect on your health, and popular drug Roacutanne can cause damage to the liver if used excessively.

The SmartXide Fractional C02

SmartXide is a carbon dioxide laser that stimulates rejuvenation by targeting the area with a small wand-like device. Unlike other CO2 lasers, the SmartXide removes a customised pattern of thousands of microscopic ‘dots’ rather than the entire skin surface so there is no longer the discomfort and downtime of previous laser machines.

The high-energy laser causes the outer layers of the epidermis to peel away as the skin heals. The laser also heats the dermis, which stimulates the production of new collagen.

As the new skin cells develop, the face becomes smoother, firmer and more youthful.

Erbium Yag

The procedure involves guiding the Erbium Laser hand-piece across the skin to deeply exfoliate the surface. This process improves the tone and texture of the skin and also reveals new, living skin cells giving you a soft and smooth complexion.


Our laser treatments are powerful enough to give fantastic results but sensitive enough to ensure customer comfort at all times, with minimal pain and risk. We work to transform the skin’s outer layers, reduce scarring and replenish collagen beneath the damaged area. Prior to treatment a local anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin, to numb the area. This makes the treatment almost completely pain free.

Acne Treatment Prices

Acne treatment prices vary at Natura from patient to patients as treatment is dependent on severity and grade of acne. We do offer treatment packages to patients. This can be discussed with the doctor during your free skin evaluation.

Why Choose Natura For Your Acne Treatment?

  • Treatments and skin evaluation carried out by a fully qualified, experienced doctor
  • More often than not; scarring can cause people to have low self esteem, once treated you can feel confident with how you look again
  • This treatment gives permanent results, providing that the acne is not active.

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