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Just Say Glow: Winter Skin Care


The harsher elements of winter can have a direct impact on how skin looks and feels. We look at the best ways you can maintain your skin’s glow even during the coldest months.

See The Light

Skin is three-dimensional and you can’t just treat one dimension. Lasers target below the surface, to address common problems such as redness and unwanted veins. These treatments are popular because there’s no downtime and give skin an even tone.

Power Wash

Power WashThink of the outer layer of your skin like a piece of glass that needs regular polishing in order to glisten—the more dead skin cells that sit on top of your skin, the less luminous you look. You need exfoliation year-round to keep your glow.

Reveal brighter, younger skin cells by having a laser dermabrasion rather than a gritty, more irritating scrub. It will improve texture and tone while minimising fine lines and active breakouts. Not to mention, your daily moisturiser will better penetrate and hydrate skin after the treatment clears away the top layer of dead skin cells.


Don’t Skimp On SPF

It may sound like a resounding summer warning, but sunscreen is a year-round necessity. Ultraviolet rays will replace your natural glow with discolouration, dryness, and eventually, wrinkles. Wear sunscreen every day, no matter what your age, ethnicity, or the weather. You can get sunburn even when it’s raining.

Promote Inner Beauty



It’s not all smoke and mirrors—or amazing genetics. Lifestyle plays a vital role in maintaining an angelic complexion. A healthy diet is key. Eat clean and green (broccoli is particularly packed with skin-boosting ingredients like vitamins A, C, and natural oestrogens) and supplement with a cleansing probiotic and essential fatty acids—daily.

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