As you age, your eyelids stretch, and the muscles supporting them weaken. As a result, excess fat can gather above and below your eyelids, causing sagging eyebrows, drooping upper lids and bags under your eyes. By using a combination of fractional CO2 laser treatments and Botox you can effectively lift the eyelids without resorting to surgery.

How It Works

Using the SmartXide fractional CO2 laser, a customised pattern of thousands of microscopic ‘dots’ is removed, rather than the entire skin surface. The high-energy laser causes the outer layers of the epidermis to peel away as the skin heals. The laser also heats the dermis, which stimulates the production of new collagen. In addition to the SmartXide laser, we can also use Botox to lift the brow and create a more ‘open’ eye

The Procedure


The SmartXide allows our doctors to treat round the eyes in approximately half an hour. The treatment is precise and fast; patients don’t require general anaesthetic, just a topical cream that numbs the area making the treatment virtually pain-free.

Following your SmartXide treatment we recommend the Avene Tolerance Extreme range. These cleansers and moisturisers have been specifically designed for skin which has become sensitised due to dermatological treatment. it contains a high concentration of thermal water making it highly hydrating. It is also manufactured in a completely sterile environment, which makes it ideal for skin which may be ‘open’ following treatment.

We also recommend Avene Thermal Water. The unique composition soothes and softens the skin and restores skin’s natural balance. It is bottled directly from the source meaning it is bacteriologically pure making it ideal for post laser procedures.


The treatment itself is quick and painless and, just 25 minutes after your treatment, you’re ready to continue with your day or go back to work. No anaesthetic is required.

The effects of the treatment are gradual: many begin to see the benefits within five days and the full effect of the treatment within two weeks.


  • Our doctors can achieve a longer lasting results, without resorting to plastic surgery
  • Conducted by an experienced doctor
  • Natural looking, visible results
  • Far less downtime than surgical alternative
  • Look naturally younger and less tired

Prices for Eyelift Treatment at Natura

Prices start at £450.