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Treatments For Ageing Hands

Treatments For Ageing Hands

Quite often as we get older, we concentrate most of our anti-ageing focus on the face. But look at anyone’s hands and you can usually gauge their true age. So why is it that while you can have some success in holding back the years on your face when it comes to hands it is a much harder task?

Dubbed the quick fix to ‘hand rejuvenation’, injectable hand fillers– or ‘H-Tox’ fillers– are the latest anti-ageing craze to take the beauty world by storm. Celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna and Victoria Beckham are all said to have undergone this treatment.

Just like Botox works to reverse the effects of ageing in the face, “H-tox” tackles the visible signs of ageing on the hands.

Ageing Hands

As we age, the skin on the back of our hands thins as muscles and fat waste away and the dermal elasticity weakens. This saggy-ness leaves the veins, tendons and bony structures of our hands more visible, producing a hollowing out impression that is an intrinsic characteristic of ageing.

The skin ages faster on the hands because they are exposed daily to chemicals, smoke and, most importantly, UV radiation. For women, the changes are exacerbated by the fact that levels of oestrogen, the hormone that stimulates collagen production, so helping to keep skin on hands plump and fleshy, start to drop around the time of the menopause.

Hydration Fillers

Hydration treatments work by filling in the hollowed areas under the skin to enhance the volume of soft tissue in our hands. This restores their youthful shape and smooth texture. This can be achieved with a number of dermal fillers with varying degrees of improvement and treatment longevity.

Using rehydration fillers containing hyaluronic acid gives great results. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in body tissue to keep our skin moist and agile, but it decreases as we age. When injected into the back of the hand, it gives a plumping and hydrating effect to the skin. The results last up to 12 months and it costs around £500 per treatment.

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