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The new A Lift

The team at Natura are always interested in new beauty treatments and we try to keep abreast of the news. Today we’re looking at a new product and treatment called the A Lift.

Completely popular with a range of celebrities from Meg Matthews, to Amy Childs from The Only Way Is Essex, the A Lift is a treatment which uses nano technology and tiny pulses of electricity to reverse the signs of aging. This treatment can improve the look of skin and literally airbrush away fine lines, just after one treatment.

The A Lift boasts the reduction of fine lines, improved look of skin, better circulation to the skin, improves muscle tone and lift and has an effect that will last.

The A Lift is a non invasive treatment which is painless, uses no chemicals and has no side effects, is it something you could literally have done during your lunch break and the beauty industry has been whipped up into a frenzy because of this fantastic treatment.

Although we don’t offer A Lift at Natura, we do offer a range of facial treatments which will offer the same results.

Our Laser Skin Tightening will produce wonderfully smooth skin, which is rejuvenated and toned. Fractional C02 treatment can reduce fine lines and provide the skin with refreshed cells, providing a rosy glow and fresher looking skin.

So, even when the media talk about a range of different treatments and products, there are always clinics offering their versions of these particular products.

The great thing about these range of products is that there is a noticeable difference after one treatment. Celebs love this, popping out for a treatment ready for a night on the red carpet, it is truly amazing how the worlds media notice small things about their appearance, but it makes the rest of us want to go and have a facial.

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Madonna’s new look at Super Bowl

Its something that the British never really follow, but this year saw a huge amount of people watching the Super Bowl.

The half time show is always a huge platform for stars to appear on and this year, we had the joy of seeing Madonna, flaunting her incredible body and looks, for the entertainment of millions across the globe.

It has been rumored that the queen of pop isn’t a stranger to cosmetic surgery and treatments, in fact last year the press had the opinion that she may have over done it, but this year, not only did her performance gain adoration, but her looks.

At 53, Madonna has never confirmed or denied having any treatments or surgery, but the professionals in the industry seem to think that her incredible skin and gravity defying looks, are not just down to a grueling fitness regime.

Those who do believe that Madge has had some help keep her youthful looks, commend her on keeping everything very natural. Something that does appeal to many people seeking the same quality of treatment.

One of the tell tale signs that seem to be a talking point when it comes to Madonna, is her hands, they do seem to reveal her age very obviously.

Those who do not necessarily want to go under the knife for extreme treatments are now lucky enough to find clinics with a range of treatments which are non invasive. These treatments are now also incredibly affordable and you don’t have to have the same bank balance as the queen of pop.

Skin and face treatments, performed by highly qualified doctors, will give the same results and effects that you will see in glossy magazines, the difference being is that clinics like Natura, pride themselves in offering something that is very natural and subtle. People will notice you have a fresh fabulous complexion, but not necessarily that you have undergone any treatment.

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Rise in male tummy tucks.

In the news today it has been reported that there has been a dramatic rise in the amount of men having tummy tuck surgery.

In a bid to get slimmer, or after sticking to a healthy diet and fitness regime to loose weight, many men are going under the knife to attain that much slender look and get rid of any of those unwanted “aprons”, the skin that hangs down from the front of the body.

Not only has there been an increase in surgery, but non invasive treatments and normal treatments using natural products.

Mens grooming sales have increased, it is more and more acceptable for men to take care of themselves and make sure they look and smell their best.

The term “metrosexual” is used to describe this new breed of man that takes as much interest in their appearance as women do.

Some men will always be men and accept that they are who they are, but some are seeking new ways to growing old gracefully, including hair transplants and line reduction.

It follows a flurry of male celebs which have had obvious treatments to improve their looks.

Is this such as bad thing? The team at Natura Skin Clinic don’t think so, why not take pride in your appearance. Yes there may be a line where men might become obsessed with treatments, but at the moment, if it’s a case of a little treatment here and there, we don’t think that is bad at all.

Men account for 10% of all cosmetic surgery performed in the UK and this number is ever rising.

We take our hats off to those men who like to pamper themselves from time to time, if women can do it, why can’t men.

Growing old gracefully isn’t always easy these days, so a little helping hand is always welcome.

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Not just for the Ladies

In the news today, there are reports of an increase in Men seeking a more youthful complexion and tackling lines and scars with the use of non invasive treatments and cosmetic surgery.

The number of men taking more of an interest in their appearance has risen by 7%, a trend set by celebrities, such as Wayne Rooney with his new head of hair and Gorden Ramsey with his less furrowed brow and chin.

According to the BAAPS (the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) men account for 10% of all cosmetic surgery carried out in the UK and recent results show that result has risen by 7%.

The team at Natura Skin Clinic think this is wonderful news, why shouldn’t men seek perfection? Not to mention a man who looks after himself and his looks is, in some eyes,  incredibly attractive.

Non surgical face lifts seem to be common place amongst men. This involves treatments that improve the condition of the skin and encourage the growth of new cells as well as plumping out skin, so it creates a smooth contour.

Many men over the age of 35 are now becoming regular users of fillers to help them keep a youthful appearance.

Some may have realised the damaged caused to the skin from their earlier years of sun worship, partying hard and working in harsh conditions and sought action, before the effects get any worse. These elements all contribute to the condition of the skin.

We are always glad to see gentlemen at Natura Skin Clinic. We offer a personal service and can tailor treatments to produce a very natural look. Our treatments are carried out by professional qualified Doctors and you are put at ease.

If you are considering treatments to enhance your natural looks, do not hesitate to contact us, we open our arms to both men and women, as we know that looking good makes you feel great, whatever age or gender.



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