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You are what you eat

We all try to aim for our five a day, and know the benefits of a healthy diet. Avoiding processed food is great for your waistline, but it can also give huge benefits to that most important of organs – your skin.

Why are processed foods so bad?

When food is cooked and processed, it loses many of the essential nutrients that you need in your diet. Tinned or frozen fruit and veg lose many of the vitamins and minerals you’d be from fresh products. Other processed foods are high in ‘bad’ fats, and are loaded with preservatives.

Processed foods are altered to stay fresh longer, change colour or texture. These chemicals don’t do your body any good. If you aren’t getting enough fresh food, this will soon show through with a dull and tired looking complexion. Similarly, if you’re prone to acne or spots, eating processed food can cause breakouts.

Why should we eat more fresh foods?

Raw and fresh foods contain active enzymes that help you to digest your food. This keeps your digestive system healthy and gives you more nutrients from the foods you’re eating. This shines through with a brighter and healthier complexion.

Some people are devoted to raw food diets – only eating foods that haven’t been cooked. While we reckon this might be a bit far, there’s no harm in eating more fresh food. Why not experiment with recipes full of vitamins and good fats? Seeds and oily fish are great for skin, and can be incorporated into many easy to make recipes.

If you want to give your skin a boost, then here at Natura we offer a range of skin treatments that can help dull and tired skin. From skin rehydration to dermal fillers and acne treatments, whatever part of your skin you’d like to improve, we can help.

So, if your diet is taking a toll on your skin, get proactive – Natura can offer a range of natural looking skin treatments. In the meantime, sharpen those culinary skills and step away from the microwave dinners – your skin will thank you later.

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