Safety and reassurance for you

The older we get, the more concerned we become about how our face and body look.

Thankfully, non-surgical cosmetic treatments are simple, painless solutions to revitalise your skin and restore your body. However, it’s vital to ensure that these are carried out by fully qualified doctors, such as at Natura Skin Clinic.

Natura Skin Clinic is a friendly, family-run private clinic. We aim to help clients feel and look younger, through immediate, visible and natural-looking results.

Experienced, qualified experts

Our private Cheshire clinic offers the latest technology and treatments for face, body and skin. These include Botox, facial rejuvenation, fillers, non-surgical facelifts, vein treatments, cellulite reduction, hair removal and acne treatment.

We don’t use nurses to administer treatments, nor do we employ sales staff. All procedures are carried out in clinical safety by experienced GP’s.

We pride ourselves on a friendly, ‘no pressure to commit’ attitude and are committed to the highest standards of care.

Your free Skin Evaluation

We’ll arrange a free, no-obligation consultation to evaluate your skin and examine your needs based on your requirements and lifestyle. We’ll discuss your options and procedures in detail, and answer all your questions.

A holistic approach

Natura Skin Clinic is also unique because we provide a considered holistic approach rather than just one-off treatments. Following your free Skin Evaluation, we can suggest a detailed programme of solutions for optimal – and continued – face and skin maintenance.

Natura patients can feel confident about looking the best they can – for now and for the future. Contact or call us on 01925 398 304 to find out more.