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What’s your skin type?

Do you know what your skin type is? Skin care products are ten a penny, so it’s understandable if, like us, you’re not always sure what’s best for your complexion. So, we’ve put together a bit of a guide to help straighten out some of the facts.

Your skin type is determined by how much, or how little, oil is produced. This can be affected by all sorts of factors, including stress, diet, genes and medication, so it’s not all set out in black and white.

To tell what type of skin you have, you can do a simple skin test. Wash your face and pat it dry – then using rice paper or skin blotting tissue paper, press onto different areas of your face.

Now, for the interesting bit: what skin type are you?

If you’ve got oily skin, the tissue will stick and become translucent. Skin will tend to be shiny with enlarged pores, and you might be prone to blemishes, blackheads or acne breakouts.

If your skin is dry, then you’ll find the tissue won’t stick or pick up any oily spots. You’ll often feel tightness after cleansing, and will have a tendency towards fine wrinkles, flaking or red patches.

You might find that you’ve got oily skin in places but dry skin in others – this means you’ve got combination skin. Around 70% of women have this skin type. You’ll have medium pores, good texture and colour but will tend towards dryness on your cheeks and oiliness across your t-zone.

Skin sensitivity and the degree of sun damage might also be issues. Sensitive skin will be thin, delicate with fine pores, and be prone to flushing and allergic reactions. Sun damaged skin will feel tight, have visible wrinkles and feel leathery and slack. Both will be prone to broken capillaries.

So, if you’re stumped by all the skin care products in the shops, take a few moments and figure out which skin care box you best fit into.

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