Do you want to get rid of unsightly and ugly veins (dilated blood vessels)? Natura Skin Clinic offers the most up to date Laser Vein Treatment for face veins available today.

A gold standard treatment

Spider veins and face veins are known medically as Telangiectasias. There is no real cause known as to why they appear on the face or other areas, but they’re usually red in colour and often referred to as ‘red veins’. Sun damage, similar to Rosacea, has been suggested as a cause. They seem to be associated with genetics, and oestrogen, which is why they are most common in women.

Facial veins pose no real risk to your health but do cause discomfort and embarrassment appearance wise. Unless treated properly, these types of veins will never fade. They can develop on the forehead, cheeks, nose, eyelids, neck and upper chest.

Natura’s Laser Vein Treatment is considered and recommended as gold standard for treating spider veins. Our doctors can guarantee to clear your face from these.

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Our doctor answers your questions

  • How does Laser Vein Treatment work?

    The laser light penetrates the skin keeping it intact until it reaches the vessel. Once the laser energy reaches the vessel, it is immediately absorbed. At this point the light energy turns into heat that causes the line of the vessel (the vein) to become inflamed. This triggers the healing process and veins gradually reduce in diameter and disappear. The laser energy is delivered through a chilled window to protect the patient’s skin and provide comfort.

  • How many treatments do you recommend having?

    Most patients achieve the desired results after two to three treatments.

  • How long does Laser Vein Treatment last?

    This varies from patient to patient. Some find it lasts for one or two years while other patients have been free of spider veins and thread veins for seven years.

  • How long does the procedure take?

    About 1 hour in total: anaesthetic cream must be applied 30 minutes beforehand, with treatment taking 30-45 minutes.

  • Does it hurt?

    Prior to the procedure local anaesthetic is applied to the area to be treated. This numbs the area making the procedure practically pain free.

  • How soon will my veins disappear?

    In most cases, patients with larger leg veins will require (on average) three treatments. The interval between each treatment is around 6 weeks. After each treatment patients will notice the veins fade more and more.

  • Do I have to take medication afterwards?

    The only precaution is to avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatories such as Nurofen for three to four days after treatment.

  • Is there anything I should be aware of?

    Most people experience a small degree of redness, however this is similar to that of gentle sun exposure or jogging. This will settle after a few hours.

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Shirley Tonge

The worry I had about ageing I have taken out of my hands and put it into the hands of a doctor with expertise.

Read Shirley's story


Shirley Tonge

Shirley Tonge, came to Natura Skin Clinic looking to find out more about non-surgical treatments.

“I didn’t want to have plastic surgery. It seemed far too drastic for the change I was looking to achieve.”

“After my children grew up and left home I had more time on my hands to look after myself. I had noticed that I was starting to look older but I didn’t want to have plastic surgery. It seemed far too drastic for the change I was looking to achieve. I wanted people to say I looked good for my age. I didn’t want, nor did I think I needed a drastic image over-haul. I noticed an advertisement in our local paper for Natura Skin Clinic. They offered a range of non-surgical treatments, which I thought would be ideal for me. I booked a skin evaluation the very same day.”

“During my skin evaluation the doctor talked me through the various treatments and the results.”

The doctor didn’t push me to make a decision that day, but instead recommended I look through all the information and think about it for a few days. I trusted him because I knew he was being honest, not only with my face, but also my money. I went ahead with the Multi-Layer Skin Rejuvenation Treatment. The results were fabulous. Everyone comments about how well I am looking, which is exactly the response I wanted. There is a visible yet natural looking improvement in how I look, and I’m so much more confident now.

“The worry I had about aging I have taken out of my hands and put it into the hands of a doctor with expertise”.

“I initially came to the clinic when it first opened 7 years ago and I have been coming back ever since. Natura don’t just treat you once, they have provided on-going advice as I have got older and I have aged gracefully. I have managed to freeze time and not my face! I feel like I am a part of Natura Skin Clinic and it is re-assuring to know that the worry I had about aging I have taken out of my hands and put it into the hands of a doctor with expertise”.