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Troublesome T-Zones

If you’ve got combination skin – if some areas of your face are dry whereas others are oily – then chances are you struggle with an oily t-zone. This can lead to lots of problems, especially when it comes to cleansing and achieving even skin tone.

Where is the T-zone?

If you imagine drawing a ‘T’ on your face, the t-zone is your forehead, nose and chin. These are areas that are normally oily with combination skin, and could be most prone to shine and breakouts. If you suffer from acne or blackheads, these could well be your problem areas.

Unfortunately, they’re also the areas that are most difficult to hide, and are the areas that people see first on your face.

How can you care for an oily T-Zone?

Using the right cleanser can go a long way. Avoid using overly harsh products, as although this will strip away the oil, it will also cause your skin to overproduce oil in compensation. A gel cleanser can work, but you can also use oil based ones – though this might seem counter-intuitive. Oil based cleansers will let you skin stay moisturised and will attract excess oil.

Astringents can be helpful, but only if your skin is very oily. Use with care – they can cause your skin to dry out and be left feeling tight.

A targeted facial mask for oily skin can help, as well as being a nice thing to do every week or so. Tea tree or clay based masks are good ones to opt for. For combination skin where your cheeks are dry, apply the mask only to the t-zone to avoid drying out your skin too much.

If you want to improve the overall complexion of your face, then Natura offer some targeted treatments that can help. Skin resurfacing can help with enlarged pores and poor texture, as well as making skin firmer and more youthful. We also offer acne treatments, for both scarring and active acne.

Combination skin is a problem for many of us, but there are ways of tackling its effects and achieving that glowing complexion we’re all looking for.

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