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Top Travel Tips

With all this sunny weather, we’re starting to think about those summer holidays already. So, today we’re going to indulge ourselves by looking at some top skin care tips for those long flights to exotic destinations. If you’re one of the lucky ones jetting off for an Easter break, then hopefully they’ll help – if not, then there’s nothing wrong with being prepared for the summer!



Make up

Make up is almost always more hassle than it’s worth on flights. If you’re up early in the wee hours, then the last thing you want to do is spent hours putting your face on. Good news is, then, that make up is actually best avoided for long flights. The dryness of the cabin causes even the most supple skin to lose moisture and dry out. Mascara, especially, will become flaky and crumbly.

Again, the dryness of the plane cabin means you’ll need a good moisturising lip balm. One with SPF is perfect, especially as you’ll need sun protection once you land. Vaseline is particularly good if your lips crack badly, and it can double up as a heavy duty moisturiser for dry knees and elbows.

If you’re flying overnight, don’t forget to take your make up off before you sleep – you can always reapply it when you land.


Avoiding those salty airline snacks can work wonders. Salt in peanuts and crisps can cause swelling, as well as dehydrating your body. Bringing your own snacks on board is often the best idea – especially as nobody likes overpaying for food from the trolley. Raw fruit and vegetables are good, hydrating things to eat in the air, and will add to you five a day as well, perfect preparation for that inevitable holiday breaking of your healthy diet.

Keeping hydrated is essential for your skin. Drinking water and avoiding alcohol and coffee whilst you’re flying will keep your body and skin hydrated. This is an obvious tip, but drinking plenty of water works wonders.

Whenever you next jet off abroad, make sure to bear all these in mind – and you can make sure to arrive looking your best.

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