spring at natura4After the cold winter months, skin can look tired and dull. Here are three treatments that will have your skin glowing again in time for Spring.


square.original.350x350ucSunshine means squinting and squinting leads to wrinkles, so Spring is a great time to invest in some Botox. Not only will it soften existing lines and wrinkles but prevent more from developing. No more crows feet, just smooth skin and gentle lift.

Price: From £160

Treatment Time: 15 minutes

Downtime: None


Anti Redness Laser

square.original.350x350uc-1The harsh elements of winter can leave skin feel blotchy and red. Before the summer arrives it is a good idea to undergo a redness reducing laser treatment. This treatment will get rid of red blotches on the face as well as any veins which could be surfacing.

Price: From £170

Treatment Time: Between 30-45 minutes

Downtime: Some mild redness for a few hours immediately after treatment


Fractional CO2 With Platelet Rich Plasma

square.original.350x350ucPerhaps the most all round skin treatment you can have. Fractional CO2 with PRP can treat anything from lines and wrinkles to pigmentation and brown spots. This resurfacing treatment removes dead skin and tightens and tones for an all round improvement in skin texture. The PRP will not just reduce downtime, but when injected, stimulate collagen production. Perfect for hollowness under the eyes.

Price: Whole Face £595

Treatment Time: Around 1 hour

Downtime: Between 2 and 4 days