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Take a step into spring skin

We’ve got a definite spring in our step this morning, as it’s finally official – spring is here! Today’s the first day of the new season, so it’s time to dust off those winter blues and enjoy that sunshine. However, your skin might still be feeling under the weather – so we’re going to have a look at the best ways to get refreshed for the spring.

Winter Blues?

The winter can play havoc with our skin. Low humidity, cold air outside, heaters inside, and less fresh air overall means by this time of year, our skin could well be looking dull and undernourished. We’ve all been wrapping up for months on end, so dry and scaly elbows, knees and heels could well have developed – they have been out of sight for so long, they could be out of mind as well.

Now’s the time to remedy all this. With shorts and skirts starting to look like a more attractive proposition, getting back into your moisturising routine is essential to keep your skin glowing.

First Steps to Spring Skin

Head to toe moisturising is a great place to start. Using white petroleum jelly on the roughest bits of your feet, elbows and knees can soften up hard skin. Make sure to invest in an SPF moisturiser for your face, in order to stop sun damage. Paying attention to your hands and feet can also pay dividends – treat yourself to a pedicure to complement your spring sandals, or invest in some footcare products to get those toes sparkling.

If you really need some help this spring, then Natura has a range of rejuvenating treatments that can give stunning results. We have a variety of face treatments that can boost your skin, reduce signs of ageing and give you a smoother and suppler complexion. Our other skin treatments include spider vein removal, scar reduction and cellulite treatments, meaning you can boost your confidence and enjoy wearing that spring wardrobe.

So, shake off the winter and take a step forward into spring – soon, you’ll be looking refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the sunshine.

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