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Sunny skincare myths

We all know that the sun is one of the most damaging factors affecting our skin. So, we’re taking the opportunity to bust a few myths surrounding the sunshine, to help get you prepared for the spring and summer.

Myth: You always get the SPF it says on the bottle

It’s not always true that if you buy a high SPF sunscreen, you’ll automatically get the protection you’d expect. How you apply it plays a big role. For your whole body, about an ounce of sunscreen is a good rule of thumb – that’s about the same volume as a shot glass. This might seem like a lot, as many of us only use a fraction of that amount normally. Be sure to reapply frequently as well to get the best protection possible.

Myth: Windows protect you from UV rays

This is a myth that’s got a grain of truth to it – clear glass will protect you from sun burn causing UVB rays, but you’ll still be vulnerable to the ageing UVA rays. Glass lets about 75% of UVA rays through. If you’re lucky enough to have big, sunny windows or a conservatory, make sure to bear this in mind when you’re relaxing in the sun. Just because you’re inside doesn’t always mean you’re safe without sunscreen!

Myth: Using a beach cover-up means you can skip sunscreen

If you throw on a light coloured, thin long sleeve top – one of the floaty, lightly woven ones we’ve all got for the beach – then you still need to apply sunscreen. Lightly woven garments of cotton or polyester have an SPF of approximately 7, so it won’t take long for your skin to feel the effects of the sun.

While we’re all for enjoying yourself in the sunshine, skin protection is very important. Here at Natura we offer treatments for skin pigmentation and sun spots which can help with the signs of sun damage – but it’s always worth trying to avoid the effects from the start.


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