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Sun Spots

We’ve talked a lot recently about avoiding sun damage to your skin. So, today we’re going to take a look at one of the effects of sun damage – sun spots.

What are sun spots?

Sun spots are essentially a sign of ageing. They’re the small, flat, dark spots that you might have on your hands, chest or face. They’re normally brought on by sun exposure – their technical name is solar lentigines, but are also referred to as liver spots.

They’re most common on the parts of your body that are most exposed to the sun. For those with fair skin, they often appear from age 40 upwards, though those with darker skin tones may not find them until around 50. Even though they appear later in life, they’re the result of sun exposure from years ago.

How can I avoid them?

It’s hard to undo a lifetime of sun exposure. However, by using a good SPF moisturiser or sunscreen on a daily basis you can avoid further sun damage. Sun beds of course should be given a wide berth.

Are they harmful?

Sun spots are not medically dangerous. However, we all know the dangers of skin cancer – so if you’re particularly worried about irregular looking skin pigmentation, make sure to see your doctor.

How can they be treated?

For many people, sun spots are not a big issue. They can, however, be an unwelcome sign of ageing, much like grey hair. They’re hard to disguise with makeup, and because they appear on areas of skin that are the most exposed, when summer comes around they’re even harder to hide.

There are a range of treatments for sun spots. Here at Natura we offer a gold standard of laser treatments for sun spots, which reveal a more even and refreshed complexion. We have a range of specialised lasers that can give very long lasting results within only a few treatment sessions. All patients are treated as individuals, and our free skin evaluations can tailor your treatments to suit your skin tone.

So, if you’re looking forward to the summer sun as much as us, make sure to take care of your skin to keep it in tip top condition.

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