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Stressful Skin

Stress is a big factor in causing many skin problems. Though it’s something that’s often difficult to avoid, being prepared for the stressful effects of a busy life can help you to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to looking your best. Dealing with stress is hard enough, without your skin acting out.


Adult acne is often aggravated by stress. An intensely stressful period can trigger breakouts, but continual stress alters our hormone levels and can cause an increase in oil production. This makes the skin more prone to acne and spots in general.

To avoid this, try to always maintain clean skin. Double cleansing in the morning and evening with anti-inflammatory skin products can help. A weekly facial mask containing clay can help with shine, or else a mattifying toner can help to absorb any extra oil. Make sure to continue to moisturise as well.

If adult acne is an on-going problem, then Natura offer some gold standard treatments for acne scarring as well as adult acne.


During stressful periods, your body might redirect energy away from processes that are non-essential, such as cell turnover. This can make your skin appear dull, and if dead cells aren’t being shed effectively, you skin can look sallow and unhealthy.

Make sure to exfoliate. However, avoid harsh exfoliators as this can cause micro-tears in the skin that can lead to skin pigmentation. A couple of times a week maximum is enough to get rid of dead cells whilst letting new ones emerge.


Stress makes skin more prone to irritation, redness and sensitivity. Just as you’re more likely to catch a cold when feeling run down, your skin is more likely to be vulnerable when we’re stressed. This is why conditions such as rosacea can flare up during stressful periods.

Products that are gentle, vitamin rich and anti-inflammatory can help to keep your skin happy. Eating plenty of anti-oxidants and avoiding caffeine, alcohol and sugars can also be helpful.

If you’ve got your skin routine sorted to tackle the problems of a busy life, then your complexion will be one less thing to stress about.

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