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Sharron Davies Is Still Making A Splash At The 2012 Olympics

Sharron-Davies-BotoxIt’s been just over thirty years since Sharron Davies won her silver medal for Team GB in the 400m medley, but she’s still making a splash on screen at the London 2012 games. Davies, who has frequented our screens presenting and commentating since the games kicked off 2 weeks ago, has come under fire for her appearance.

The Daily Mail released a story criticising the medal winner in what has been described as a harsh and un-provoked attack on the swimmer. Mail writer Jan Moir claimed that Davies looked as though ‘she was swimming in Botox’ a statement which has been disparaged by many.

Hundreds of people took to Twitter to defend the star, with one user saying, “@sharrond62 looks amazing, ignore the nasty people, you are wonderful”.

Sharron responded via Twitter, thanking her followers for supporting her after reading the article written by what she called a “small minded, ill informed, bad journalist.”

Davies has been very open in the past about how she maintains her appearance, talking about treatments she has had which include Dermal Fillers and Botox. Speaking earlier in the year she talked of how she wanted to look the very best she could for the 2012 Olympics and how she took action to curtail the tell tale signs of ageing. As an athlete who advocates daily exercise and good hydration, the 49 year old (who celebrates her 50th birthday in November) knew that this was not enough to maintain a youthful appearance.

Opting for a natural, subtle look where she looked more refreshed on camera, Sharron chose to have a combination of treatments including Botox, Fillers and Skin Tightening.

As one of the few celebrities who are willing to talk about and admit the treatments they have had, it is refreshing to see that despite the criticism, the support for Sharron far outweighed the negativity.


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