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Scared of Scarring?

Most people have the odd scar. Scarring can be caused through injury, from medical procedures, from acne or even pregnancy stretch marks. You might find you scar easily or not, but there are many ways to tackle scars and prevent them from forming.

How do scars form?

When you’ve got an open wound, the body sends collagen to the site of the injury. This turns into fibers that bridge the gap made by the wound. The skin underneath this will heal, and a scab forms on top. Once the skin has healed and the scab falls away, you might notice the skin underneath is whiter, redder, darker or shinier than the surrounding skin. This is a scar.

Though we might think it’s the type of injury that dictates the extent of scarring, it’s actually the location of the wound and the genetics of the person. Some people have a genetic tendency to scar easily, whereas others might never suffer from this.

How can I prevent scarring?

Even if you find your skin scars easily, there as some things you can do to help your skin out:

Wash an open cut thoroughly. Soap and water or antibacterial wash are perfect for this.

Keep an open cut covered. This will stop infection from bacteria.

Don’t pick scabs. This will disrupt the healing process of the skin underneath, as well as opening the door for infection.

There are also a range of products that can help with more specific scarring from stretch marks or acne. However, these are not always wholly effective, so it may be worth considering a more proactive approach. Natura offer a range of treatments that can give excellent results.

How can I get rid of a scar?

Scars are sometimes easy to ignore, but often they can cause distress – especially on the face or on visible areas of the body. Stretch marks and acne scarring are particular areas that many people want to tackle.

Here at Natura we offer popular laser scar removal for reducing scar tissue as well as helping with stretch marks. Medical grade lasers are used transform the appearance of the skin’s outer layers, reducing scarring and boosting collagen.

Our laser treatments can are also suitable for acne scar removal. We can also help with active acne through a target series of treatments.

If you’d like to reduce the appearance of any scarring, then Natura offer a range of laser treatments that could reveal younger and fresher looking skin.


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