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Say goodbye to stretch marks

Stretch marks are something that most of us have to deal with at some point. So, how are they caused – and more importantly – how can we treat them?

What causes stretch marks?

They can be caused by a variety of factors. They commonly form during pregnancy and during times of rapid growth such as the teenage years, or quick weight loss or weight gain can be a big factor. However, genetics also play a large role. Some people are more disposed to develop them than others, so if you think you suffer particularly badly, it might be down to hereditary influence as well.

Stretch marks normally occur on the thighs, hips, bottom and abdomen. The biological cause is thought to be when the collagen fibres within the skin’s dermal layer experience tearing. This is why most causes are related to rapid body shape change which the skin is unable to adapt quickly enough to.

How can they be treated?

Prevention can be better than cure when it comes to stretch marks. Daily massaging with a hydrating moisturiser can help, and there are many lotions out there that claim to be good for stretch marks. Though there is no miracle moisturising treatment, if you’re particularly worried, it really can’t hurt. We particularly like cocoa butter, which has the added bonus of smelling lovely.

If you want to treat stretch marks that have already formed, moisturising can give your skin a boost. However, here at Natura we offer stretch mark removal treatments that can restore an even skin tone with a quick and practically pain free laser procedure. We understand that all skin is different, so we offer a free skin evaluation for all our patients to discuss their options.

If you want to banish those stretch marks and reveal a younger and fresher you, then tackle those stretch marks head on. Your skin – and your body confidence – will be revitalised.

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