Are you concerned about sagging eyelids or brows? Our doctors could help achieve a long-lasting result for you without having to resort to plastic surgery.

Why Sagging Eyelids (Ptosis) occur

Ptosis, also known as ‘drooping eyelid’, is caused by the loss of subcutaneous and dermal volume in most people. Those with particularly strong frown muscles tend to suffer from sagging eyelids. In more severe cases, the recognised treatment of choice is known as a ‘blepharoplasty’. This is the surgical removal of redundant skin from around the eye area: however, most people suffering from this condition do not require surgical intervention.

No need for surgery

Our doctors can raise the eyebrow to achieve a longer lasting result for you, without resorting to plastic surgery. This non-surgical brow lift can be achieved through a combination of Botox, Dermal Fillers and/or Laser Skin Resurfacing.

Natura uses SmartXide to remove a customised pattern of thousands of microscopic ‘dots’ rather than the entire skin surface. The high-energy laser causes the outer layers of the epidermis to peel away as the skin heals. The laser also heats the dermis, which stimulates the production of new collagen.

(Any rare causes of Ptosis that are not suitable for non-surgical treatment can be identified during your free Skin Evaluation.)

For further information or to arrange a free Skin Evaluation, call Natura on 01925 398 304.

Our doctor answers your questions

  • How many treatments will I need?

    Due to the sensitive nature of the tissue around the eyelids, the CO2 laser has to be used at a lower setting compared to other areas of the face. The number of treatments required usually varies between four and six.

  • How long does the treatment take?

    The procedure itself is very quick, taking around 30 minutes.

  • Is it safe using the laser so close to the eyes?

    Yes. Natura patients wear specially made eye protection that’s similar to a contact lens and completely protects the eyeball. It will not affect your vision or cause any damage to the eye itself.

  • Is this a better option than plastic surgery?

    For severe cases of sagging eyelids, surgery is the answer. Thanks to Natura, you don’t have to wait for things to become that bad! Our approach to sagging eyelids means that you never need to have surgery.

  • How long will it last?

    Depending on the individual this treatment gives results lasting up to a year and a half.

  • Are there any additional options you might discuss with me?

    To improve sagging skin the doctor may also discuss the treatment of Botox and Dermal Fillers. This will provide a brow lift and compliment the Laser Resurfacing.

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Shirley Tonge

The worry I had about ageing I have taken out of my hands and put it into the hands of a doctor with expertise.

Read Shirley's story


Shirley Tonge

Shirley Tonge, came to Natura Skin Clinic looking to find out more about non-surgical treatments.

“I didn’t want to have plastic surgery. It seemed far too drastic for the change I was looking to achieve.”

“After my children grew up and left home I had more time on my hands to look after myself. I had noticed that I was starting to look older but I didn’t want to have plastic surgery. It seemed far too drastic for the change I was looking to achieve. I wanted people to say I looked good for my age. I didn’t want, nor did I think I needed a drastic image over-haul. I noticed an advertisement in our local paper for Natura Skin Clinic. They offered a range of non-surgical treatments, which I thought would be ideal for me. I booked a skin evaluation the very same day.”

“During my skin evaluation the doctor talked me through the various treatments and the results.”

The doctor didn’t push me to make a decision that day, but instead recommended I look through all the information and think about it for a few days. I trusted him because I knew he was being honest, not only with my face, but also my money. I went ahead with the Multi-Layer Skin Rejuvenation Treatment. The results were fabulous. Everyone comments about how well I am looking, which is exactly the response I wanted. There is a visible yet natural looking improvement in how I look, and I’m so much more confident now.

“The worry I had about aging I have taken out of my hands and put it into the hands of a doctor with expertise”.

“I initially came to the clinic when it first opened 7 years ago and I have been coming back ever since. Natura don’t just treat you once, they have provided on-going advice as I have got older and I have aged gracefully. I have managed to freeze time and not my face! I feel like I am a part of Natura Skin Clinic and it is re-assuring to know that the worry I had about aging I have taken out of my hands and put it into the hands of a doctor with expertise”.