where to start with botoxMany people begin to look at anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle treatments after years of using anti-ageing creams. It would seem that despite consistent use of these creams over the years, it would appear that fine lines and wrinkles are still developing. Due to its celebrity following and its prominence in the press, botox is often the first treatment people go to when they start to think about rejuvenating their skin.

So What Is Botox?

Since it was first used to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, over 15 years ago, Botox has become one of the world’s most popular cosmetic procedures, with millions of people being treated every year. Botox is the product name for injections containing a refined form of botulinum toxin known as Type A.

When injected into a muscle, the toxin blocks the nerve impulses that would normally cause that muscle to contract. The resulting absence or reduction of muscle contraction leaves the skin smoother and lends a more relaxed appearance to the patient’s facial feature. Botox works on the premise that if it can’t move, it can’t wrinkle.

As we get older and lose elasticity in the skin, a permanent crease can form leaving a wrinkle that is noticeable even without muscle contraction.

The Different Botox Products

As a direct result of its popularity many companies are now producing what they claim to be botox. These botox products may not have undergone extensive testing for safety and quality like those produced by Allergan for example. The Botox produced by Allergan is FDA approved. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, one of the United States federal executive departments.

The FDA is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of pharmaceutical drugs. It is certainly worth enquiring and researching the brand and manufacturer of the Botox you intend to have.

Who Is Administering Your Botox?

Ensure that whoever is carrying out your Botox procedure has the correct qualifications and experience. More and more people are now carrying out these procedures to negative affect. Causing problems such as drooping eyelids and in some cases causing further wrinkles to form.

I would always recommend seeing a doctor or medical practitioner so they are familiar with both the physiological aspect of the procedure and also the procedure itself, as Botox is administered by needle.

Dr Xavier M.D D.A

Dr. Xavier graduated in Brazil from Universidade de Pernambuco Medical School in 1979. The Oxford educated doctor then developed his expertise in anaesthetics, cardiology, neurology, clinical medicine and intensive care. Over the last 10 years Dr. Xavier has developed a comprehensive understanding of both dermatological conditions and treatments.