The visible veins in legs are often not categorised as varicose veins and therefore should not require surgical treatment. A large proportion of the unsightly veins that trouble many women can often be noticed in women as young as 25 years of age.

This problem is typically made worse by pregnancy, which is when many women begin to seek treatment. Thread veins appear as thin red lines and in more severe cases can appear as darker shades of blue and as thick as 4mm.

Quite often, when looking for treatments to reduce the appearance of veins, information about the treatments and causes can be conflicting. Each clinic claims to offer the most effective treatment, but in reality no single treatment can be one hundred percent effective. The most logical approach to vein removal is to use a combination of treatments. For leg vein treatment we combine sclerotherapy with the medical grade ND Yag laser. The number of treatments required depends on the individual case, but this combination of treatment achieves outstanding results.

What To Look For When Seeking Treatment

  • Make sure your initial assessment is carried out by a doctor. Some places offer an initial triage with a nurse and you may be expected to see the doctor again and pay a second fee. At Natura Skin Clinic your assessment will done by a doctor and includes a Doppler and polarised light examination that enables the doctor to establish if you have deep reflux. If this is the case surgical intervention may be required, with non-surgical treatment being carried out after to remove the smaller veins. A professional assessment of your veins is of paramount importance in ensuring that you get the best results.
  • Frequently patients decide to have the leg vein treatment before the summer is about to start or just before a holiday. It is important to plan early as in some cases it can take almost a year for legs to clear completely of these unsightly veins.
  • Some providers may state that sclerotherapy is old fashioned and ineffective. However, due to advances in the development of new drugs, the newer sclerosing agents are not only a lot safer but also give excellent results. This is another reason to seek treatment from a professional with experience, as they are more likely to be up to date with newer sclerosing agents.
  • Sclerotherapy can be used on face and body, but in our experience, we achieve results using the medical grade KTP laser for face veins. This laser can clear most faces with two (maybe 3) treatments 6 weeks apart. Sclerotherapy and the ND Yag laser tends to give better results for leg veins.

Dr Xavier M.D D.A

Dr. Xavier graduated in Brazil from Universidade de Pernambuco Medical School in 1979. The Oxford educated doctor then developed his expertise in anaesthetics, cardiology, neurology, clinical medicine and intensive care. Over the last 10 years Dr. Xavier has developed a comprehensive understanding of both dermatological conditions and treatments.