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Relaxing treatments

If your perfect idea of a cosmetic treatment is laying back and relaxing, then a new therapy sweeping Europe might be just your cup of tea.

Beautytek is a natural alternative to surgery aims to reshape many problem areas through mild electrical pulses, flattening and lifting as it goes. It is believed to trigger the body’s natural chemicals to encourage anti-aging effects, which can be seen even after the first treatment.

Beauty Tek

It was originally designed as hospital treatment for pain, but is now used for its cosmetic effects by hundreds of clinics across Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Norway.

The treatment looks to correct the electrical flow in our bodies. When misaligned, Beautytek practitioners believe this causes problems such as spots, wrinkles, fatigue and weight problems. Each treatment can be individually tailored and can be used to target a specific problem area with none of the fuss and pain of surgery.

There are claims it can smooth wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks, as well as boosting blood circulation and increasing muscle tone. Even after one forty five minute session it claims to be able to give a younger and more sculpted look, and is completely drug and pain free.

Clinics offering Beautytek therapy are few and far between in the UK, but its positive results and lack of side effects could soon perhaps see it sweeping the nation.

However, aside from the good reviews it has received from patients, full clinical trials have not yet been completed for Beautytek. Though this treatment may sound like a miracle cure-all, systematic testing hasn’t been carried out. This will be needed for a more widespread endorsement from dermatologists.

So, if you’re looking for an equally non-invasive and effective treatment with a proven track record, here at Natura we offer many brilliant alternatives.

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