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Lasers have changed the world

Lasers are used everyday in a huge range of industries. Gone are the days when the Laser was the weapon of the arch enemy in a James Bond film, although still to this day, some people still think of that type tool when you mention a Laser.

Lasers have totally transformed the health and beauty industry, allowing Drs to venture to new places, offer radical treatments and alternatives to traditional variations.

When used in medical and beauty treatments, lasers deliver tiny pulses of light to the desired areas. These treatments are quick, have shorter recovery times, less or no bleeding and speedier healing,  with incredible results. Laser treatments are so flexible that general anesthetic is no longer needed and the local area can be numbed.

Laser treatments are used to improve sight, re define skin, correct conditions such as acne, they can remove birth marks and scarring, unwanted tattoos and help with the early detection of cancer. In short, Lasers are amazing and they continue to astound the medical industry with their versatility.

Some peoples first encounter of a laser may be nerve wracking, although, these incredible tools are used in a way that is painless. Another point to note about laser treatment is, in some treatments, you may need more than one session. Hair removal for instance, depending on your skin and type of hair, may take a few sessions, this is to ensure that the hair follicles that the laser targets, are safely erased to prevent hair growth. Hair removal uses a large beam which enables the treatment to target a larger area. Not only is this treatment popular with females, but very much so with males.

Hair removal is just one of the many beauty treatments that utilises the power of a laser and the ending results are smooth, soft, hairless skin.

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