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Okay, so we know we’re meant to drink lots of lovely water to help our skin. But what are the skin benefits of drinking water – and what are the effects of not getting enough?

As well as being a thirst quencher, water is of course essential for our bodies – the average human is made up of about 60% H2O. First off, water helps to circulate blood and fluids, as well as being vital in all the everyday processes, such as cell reproduction and repair. We lose water all the time from breathing, blinking, sweating and all manner of other activities.

Of course, we’re not here for a biology lesson – so how does water affect our skin?

Water controls and regulates the skin’s natural balance, which is made up of a number of layers of cells. These layers are dried out if lost water isn’t replaced. If you don’t keep rehydrating your skin, then it will become dehydrated and dull.

Most moisturisers only have external results and don’t penetrate deeply enough. However, if you do suffer from very dry skin then make sure to invest in a good moisturiser as well as drinking plenty of water. This can help stop moisture escaping from the skin in the first place.

Water’s a great way of flushing toxins and bacteria from your system. If your body doesn’t have enough water, then toxins will build up and can escape through the skin pores. This can be a contributory factor to acne or breakouts.

The general rule of thumb is eight glasses of water a day – though this doesn’t actually have any basis in real science. You do get some water from foods you digest, but it seems that eight glasses is a good number to aim for. Don’t overdo it though – the good effects of water won’t multiply if you drink gallons a day!

Results from drinking water won’t be overnight, but soon enough your complexion will be glowing – just in time for the summer sun.

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