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Getting Rid Of Eye Bags: Tear Trough Correction

tear trough correction

It’s a common skin problem, that affects men and women alike. The eye bag. Loss of volume as we age means that the area under the eye can become loose and create dark shadowing, resulting in a tired looking, older appearance.

Until recently, treating this area with success has been tricky. The delicate skin in this area and the close proximity to the eye has meant cosmetic doctors and practitioners have had to take great care when addressing tear trough correction. But now, a new and innovative treatment using fillers can provide lift and reduce that dark shadowing, for a more refreshed, less tired look.

But what exactly is the tear trough?

The tear trough is the (upside down triangular) area between the bridge of the nose and the mid pupillary line of the cheek bone. As we age we tend to lose volume from this area, which not only causes the area to darken and appear hollow, but can also gives you a ‘tired-looking’ appearance.

1darkcirclebeforeaftersHow It Works

To treat this area we use a filler made from a substance naturally produced in the body called hyaluronic acid. This natural tissue component means it not only provides patients with a safe solution, but also, effectiveness.

The aim of the treatment is to place the filler below the skin and soft tissue around the area. This lifts the tissues, making the tear trough appear shallower. In most patients there is an almost immediate improvement with a reduction in the depth and width of the tear trough itself.


Prior to treatment, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin to numb the area. This makes the injectable process completely pain-free. Once numb, the doctor then injects the area which takes around 15 minutes. An almost instant improvement in the hollowness will be visible.

Post Treatment

After treatment, we recommend that no makeup is applied for at least 4 hours. Patients should also avoid rubbing or massaging the area.

As with all injectable procedures there is a small risk of bruising but, again the risk is small and in the event that bruising does occur, it is most likely to very slight and easily concealable.

tear trough correction

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