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Getting Lippy

Everyone wants a pair of full and sensuous lips. We’re not all like Angelina Jolie, and as we age our lips can lose volume and appear thinner and less full. So, why does this happen – and how can we combat it?

Why do lips thin?

As our skin ages, the collagen in the inner layers starts to break down, making our skin less elastic. Vertical lines and wrinkles can form, which edge into the lips making them appear thinner. Our facial muscles cause creases in our skin, which becomes less stretchy and unable to cope with all our movements.

This also weakens structural support in the lower face as skin begins to sag, and skin tends to lose volume. The lips are victim to this, and start to look thinner and less sumptuous.

Sun exposure also plays a big part in ageing our lips. Lips have little or no melanin, and so have no natural protection from UV rays. They therefore age in the same way as skin does from sun exposure, and can be subject to the same risk of skin cancer.

What can we do about it?

We tend to neglect our lips in our daily skin care routine, and without proper care they can start to age faster than other areas of our face.

By using moisturising SPF lip products, you can minimise environmental damage from the sun and from the cold. These are two of the big contributors to premature lip ageing, and simply applying a good lip care product, either on its own or under your lip stick, can go a long way.

Natura also offer lip sculpturing treatments that can help to lift and define the lip area, as well as reducing wrinkles. Dermal fillers can be precisely applied to the lip area, enhancing your natural lip shape and taking years off your face.

So, if you want to keep your lips looking plump and full, make sure to give them the attention they deserve.

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