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Facing the Future

Skin care has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. From laser dermabrasion treatments to cellulite reduction, we’ve never been better equipped to keep on looking our best. Of course, revolutionary treatments are always being developed, so to perk us up this Monday we’re looking into the future to see what might be the next big thing in years to come.

Luscious Locks the Laser Way

Achieving luscious locks might come easy to some, but many men and women are worried about thinning hair as they grow older. Laser hair thickening uses medical grade lasers to stimulate the hair follicles on the head, meaning you can keep a youthful head of hair without special shampoos, painful hair plugs or toupees. This treatment is still in its early stages, but has been tested with success in America.

Sunscreen Pills

We always emphasise the importance of giving your skin the best UV protection possible. Whether you’re slapping on the SPF 30 for a day on the beach or just using a day to day SPF moisturiser, this is one thing that can’t be left out of our beauty regime. Researchers in the UK have found UV-fighting compounds in that most unlikely of sources – coral. They are looking to harness this into pill form. Though not yet fully tested, this could offer ongoing UV protection without the need for thick and greasy suncreams.

Keep that Grey Hair at Bay

L’Oreal are currently working on a pill that could keep those greys away for good. Without delays, this is expected in 2015, and would mean all those root touch up appointments are a thing of the past.

Though some of these treatments are still in early clinical trials, here at the Natura office we’re looking forward to finding out the next big thing – anything that makes the Monday morning start a bit more bearable is very welcome!


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