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Extra care for eyes

The skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate in the whole of your body – it’s around ten times thinner than the rest of our facial skin. It’s therefore an area that we need to take extra care of, especially if we want to avoid a tired and aged appearance.

Sensitive skin

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner due to the breakdown of collagen. This is especially evident around the eyes, as this skin is already thinner than normal. The skin around our eyes is constantly in motion through blinking, moving and facial expressions– this can add up to over 10 000 movements per day! Such an active and delicate area of skin needs special attention to keep it looking its best.

Extra TLC

As with all our skin, diet plays an important part. Under eye puffiness can be made worse by salty foods and dehydration. Make sure to rehydrate your skin with plenty of water and avoid excessive alcohol, which has dehydrating properties. Smoking also has negative effects on the skin, as it causes blood vessels to constrict, making it harder for nutrients to be absorbed – which breaks down collagen faster.

Similarly, rubbing the eye area with harsh make up wipes or due to allergies can put extra strain on the skin. Constant pulling of the skin can cause it to lose elasticity faster, especially around the eyes which lack the reparative oil glands of the rest of the skin.

The eyes can be the first to show signs of age. By using gentle skin products with anti-oxidants, vitamins and skin plumping properties you can help resist fine lines and wrinkles. A good moisturiser or night cream can help to replenish the skin as well.

If you want to tackle crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles around your eye area, there’s also a range of treatments available. Here at Natura our gold standard procedures will give you natural results, whether you opt for botox treatments or our laser treatment for sagging eyelids.

So, to get bright and rejuvenated eyes, take care of the skin around them – this will leave you looking younger, fresher and ready for the spring.

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