Botox treatments at Natura Skin Clinic

Established local GP, Dr. Carlos Xavier, set up Natura Skin Clinic after identifying a common problem among patients.

He says, “Lots of my patients came to me unhappy with their appearance or with dermatological problems, and complaining of low self-esteem. They were considering plastic surgery but I felt this rather extreme as non-surgical alternatives achieve similar results.”

After graduating in Brasil from Universidade de Pernambuco Medical School in 1979, Oxford educated Dr Carlos Xavier developed his expertise in anaesthetics, becoming highly familiar with the injectables used in anti-ageing procedures. Attending courses in America he was trained by the doctor who pioneered the use of Botox for cosmetic procedures , Dr Jean Carruthers.

He set up the Aesthetic Laser Centre in 2004 alongside his NHS practice to treat skin conditions. Newly re-launched as Natura Skin Clinic, in response to an overwhelming demand for his expertise and a wider range of procedures, the clinic is stylish and friendly. “As a privately owned, family-run clinic, every patient is assured of the highest standards of service and care,” he adds.

Dr. Xavier believes Natura is the only Cheshire clinic guaranteeing that all treatments are undertaken by medical GPs. A free skin evaluation is provided first by a doctor who will then make treatment recommendations. “We’re renowned for visible yet natural looking results, with an on-going consultancy for continued results,” comments Dr. Xavier. “I’m proud to have created a place where patients feel comfortable having treatments in total medical safety. Patients enter feeling cared for, and leave feeling happier and looking younger.”

For Botox in St Helens, Warrington and Wigan. Natura Skin Clinic is only a short drive away..