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Dodging crows feet

As we get older, most people will find crow’s feet forming around their eyes. These are a natural part of ageing, and are hard to combat. But why do they form, and more importantly, what can we do about them?

Where do crow’s feet come from?

They are caused by the three S’s – smiling, squinting and sleeping, all of which are pretty unavoidable. When you smile, you’ll notice creases going from the corners of your eyes out to your temples. If they go away when you stop grinning, those are just smile lines, but if they stay, they’re crow’s feet.

They are often first noticeable in the early-thirties, though when you start to see them depends on your genes and lifestyle – as with all signs of ageing. The repetitive motion of the three S’s causes creases in the skin, and by this time the collagen may be starting to break down. This means your skin is less elastic, and less able to bounce back from repetitive creasing.

How can we stop crow’s feet forming?

If we look at the causes, it’s pretty hard to stop crow’s feet at the root of the problem.

Smiling is something we all do, every day. Unless you fancy being glum for the rest of your life, there’s really no way to stop this repetitive creasing.

Squinting can be reduced by using sunglasses all year round, to reduce the need to squint against the sun. Make sure to pack your sunnies everyday, just in case.

To avoid lines from sleeping, lying on your back and using a u-shaped travel pillow are two ways to reduce sleep lines. You could also use a silk pillowcase to reduce pulling on your skin as you sleep.

However, there are more targeted treatments for those of us who already have crow’s feet. Here at Natura we offer botox treatments that give natural looking results, and are effective at reducing wrinkling in the eye area. There’s no risk of ‘frozen face’, as the muscles there are not ones that are used for most expressions.

If you’re worried about crow’s feet, make sure to start prevention early.


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