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Cellulite Myth Busting

We’re loving the warmer weather at the moment, summer holidays are already a top talking point. However, something we’re not looking forward to quite as much is baring all in our sunny summer wardrobe. That pesky cellulite is a perpetual problem – however, a quick and unofficial survey around the office found that many of us are pretty clueless about the facts. So, today we’re remedying this and busting a few common cellulite myths.

Getting the Facts Straight

Cellulite is caused by a herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue of the skin. Whilst this might be too much science for a Monday morning, we’re all familiar with what it looks like – that lumpy, orange peel skin, usually found on the bottom and thighs. However, it can also appear on the upper arms, nape of the neck and the stomach.

Women are the primary suffers, with over 90% experiencing cellulite somewhere on their bodies. However, around 5% of men also have cellulite – though it’s often not such a problem as short shorts and bikinis are hopefully missing from most male wardrobes. Oestrogen has also been shown as a contributor to cellulite, again making it more common in women.

Many of us think that cellulite increases with age and weight. However, though it’s true it may worsen when these increase, there’s many a young, slim woman who suffers. Unfortunately, diet and exercise can struggle to eliminate cellulite – though these can help to reduce its appearance.


We’re happy to hear that drastic treatments such as liposuction are ineffective in getting rid of cellulite. As cellulite sits just below the surface of the skin, liposuction to target it can even make deeper creases and bumps.

There are far better treatments out there if you’re looking for younger, smoother and cellulite free skin. Here at Natura we offer a completely non-invasive cellulite treatment, Velashape, which can offer long lasting and impressive results. The light vacuum, deep massage and heating functions of this treatment can get rid of lumps and bumps – as well as being a very relaxing treatment.

So, if you’re looking to banish cellulite for the summer, make sure to brush up on your knowledge to tackle it as effectively as possible.

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