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Tear Trough Treatment

What Is A Tear Trough?

The tear trough is the groove at the junction the lower eyelid and the cheek. One of the common changes to happen, as we age, is the appearance and gradual worsening of dark circles under the eyelids. This occurs due to the thinning of the overlying skin and soft tissue over the bony orbital rim. A band of tethering fibrous tissue called the orbitomalar ligament, binds the skin underneath the lower eyelid to the underlying bony rim of the eye socket.

When we are young, this ligament is usually not visible, this is due to the surrounding plump fat, thicker overlying skin and soft tissue surrounding this structure. However, with age, atrophy of the adjacent tissues and thinning of the skin occurs, leading to increased visibility of this deep attachment between the skin and orbital rim- the result? Hollow tear troughs and dark circles.

So how can we treat this? – Tear Trough Fillers

An increasingly popular treatment is the use of injectable fillers. Tear trough fillers essentially fill out the trough. By replacing the loss of volume at the junction between the upper cheek and lower eyelid patients eliminate the need for surgery and dramatically improve their appearance. Dark patches under the eyes are often down to shadowing within the trough itself. The fillers contain hyalauronic acid– a natural tissue component produced by the body that not only provides patients with a safe solution but also effectiveness.

The aim of the treatment is to place the filler below the skin and soft tissue around orbitomalar ligament. This lifts the tissues, making the tear trough appear shallower. In most patients there is an almost immediate improvement with a reduction in the depth and width of the tear trough itself.

Prices start at £200

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Rachel Weisz’ Skin Secrets

We have all felt the discomfort of tight, parched skin when we’ve been out in the sun for too long. This is what’s known as skin dehydration. When there is an imbalance between the intake of water and the amount of water required by skin cells to stay healthy, it results in a dehydrated condition.

It was reported this week that Hollywood actress Rachel Weitz, regularly makes trips to her dermatologist to ensure her skin is hydrated. Its is regularly reported in the press that Rachel looks far younger than her 40+ years, perhaps its all down to her hydrated skin.

One important thing to remember is that there’s a difference between dehydrated and dry skin, although the symptoms are similar. While dehydration is a deficiency of water in the skin, dryness is the result of a loss of oil in the skin. Don’t mistake oily skin for being moisture-loaded. Oily skin has more open pores and this can lead to greater water loss.

Skin is smooth and has elasticity because below the surface water, collagen and hyaluronic acid add volume from beneath. Loss of water means loss of volume, this ultimately results in the onset of wrinkles and ageing skin.

Natura’s Top Tips For Hydrated Skin

Treatment: Rehydration Fillers

Treatment areas include the face, neck, décolletage and hands; designed to replenish the hyaluronic acid lost through ageing, hence hydrating the skin and improving its elasticity and tone.

The procedure involves injecting multiple, small amounts of the hyaluronic acid into the skin

We recommend 3 treatments for the full effect to take, however many patients notice after 2 treatments.

Prices start at £280.00 a treatment.


Avene Soothing Hydrating serum

Available in 30ml.


Intensive soothing and hydrating care for sensitive skin, irritated or weakened by external factors. The Soothing Hydrating Serum is highly concentrated in Avène Thermal Spring Water providing an immediate calming effect. The thermal water is carried by liposomes (patented system) to ensure an optimum long lasting diffusion in the upper layer of the skin. The glycerine improves the skin hydration, suppleness and comfort. Thanks to the delicate formula of the Soothing Hydrating Serum the skin is silky smooth and rebalanced.

Avene Eluage Moisturiser (containing hyaluronic acid)

Available in 30ml


Eluage cream is specially formulated for the loss of firmness, deep wrinkles and skin dryness. Based on a patented combination of Retinaldehyde and H.A.F. (Exclusive Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid). Eluage acts by working deep within the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin fibre production. Facial contours are plumped, reshaped and toned, wrinkles are less defined and smoother and skin is nourished and revitalised.


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D is for Vitamin D

There are numerous benefits Vitamin D has on your skin and overall health. Unfortunately, unlike other vitamins such as Vitamin C or Vitamin E, Vitamin D is often overlooked despite its importance in dealing with skin care problems.

Why Vitamin D?

The reason why Vitamin D can be easy to obtain is because the main source is simply exposure to sunlight. The sun’s rays contain ultra violet light that acts on unprotected skin (no sunscreen) and allows it to manufacture Vitamin D. Although this is a very easy way to get vitamin d into your body and reap the Vitamin D benefits, sun exposure must be controlled. Too much sun exposure will lead to skin cancer and premature skin aging. Five to ten minutes of daily summer sun exposure on unprotected skin such as the face, hands, arms, and back will provide enough ultra violet light exposure to produce the required amount of vitamin d for the body.

Sources Of Vitamin D

It is difficult for many individuals to get enough Vitamin D via diet alone. Sunlight exposure is the most efficient way to get your Vitamin D intake, although some food do contain Vitamin D. Salmon for example is an excellent source. Our delicious salmon recipe is great for summer, so you can double your intake by having it on a barbeque in the sunshine!

The skin and Vitamin D are closely related because of how vitamin d is produced. However, there are also specific Vitamin D benefits for the skin.

Benefits Of Vitamin D

The main benefit of Vitamin D for the skin is in the treatment of psoriasis. In fact, Vitamin D is widely used around the world to treat this skin problem. Vitamin D plays a role in skin cell metabolism and growth. Therefore, it has shown some effectiveness in treating itching and flaking which are common symptoms of this skin problem. Studies have indicated that over the counter type vitamin d creams are not very effective at treating psoriasis because they do not contain the active vitamin d derivative. The active vitamin d form is only available in prescription creams or supplements. Several weeks of treatment are normally required to relieve the psoriasis symptoms. A big advantage is that vitamin d creams have few side effects, unlike steroid containing creams.

UVB treatments can also help relieve psoriasis. One of the main reasons is that these treatments produce vitamin d and therefore vitamin d benefits in the skin naturally.

In addition, because one of the vitamin d benefits is to act as a powerful antioxidant, vitamin d can play a role in preventing the premature aging of skin and damage to the skin structure.

Mum’s Stuffed Salmon

My lovely Mum won’t mind me sharing this recipe with you.

This recipe is great if you have lots of people coming round for dinner. It can be stuffed with all these delicious ingredients and left to marinate for as long as 8 hours before cooking. Just make sure it is suitably refrigerated. This salmon dish is bursting with flavour and can even be cooked on a barbeque. Just make sure you wrap the fish securely in thick foil. We love it at our bbq’s as it makes a nice change from the usual burnt sausages and is healthy as well delicious.


Whole Salmon (cleaned, butterflied, and boned, leaving head and tail intact)
2 Lemons; zest and juice
4 cloves of garlic crushed
Large bulb of fennel thinly sliced (keep the discarded parts)
Punnet of cherry vine tomatoes chopped in half
Large bunch of basil (roughly chop ¾ and leave the remaining leaves whole)
Large glass of White Wine
3 onions chopped into quarters
Olive Oil
You will also need some string to tie the stuffed fish together


1. Heat the oven to 240 C, 220 C fan, 475 F, gas 9

2. In a bowl add the zest of the lemons, the crushed garlic, roughly chopped basil, tomatoes and chopped fennel. Season with salt and pepper and add just enough olive oil to lightly coat all the vegetables. Then add half the wine and the juice of one lemon.

3. Lay 4 pieces of string over the top of the discarded parts of the fennel and chunks of onion. This will stop the salmon sticking to the tray. Place the salmon in a roasting tray and stuff the fennel, tomato and basil mix inside the salmon. Tie the salmon together.

4. Brush the skin with a little olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Cover with foil but ensure there’s a gap of air between the salmon and the top of the foil, so that the fish can steam. Pour the remaining wine and lemon juice into the bottom of the tray.

5. Cook in the top of the oven for 40 minutes, and then undo the top of the foil so that the salmon is exposed, and return to the oven for 15 minutes to brown.

6. When the fish is cooked, peel back the foil and, using fish slices, lift the salmon onto a serving plate. Garnish with lemon wedges and the reserved basil leaves.

7. You can pour off the cooking juices and serve with the fish as a sauce. If you’re serving a buffet, the salmon can be left to cool and served at room temperature.

Serve alongside a crisp summer salad or crushed new potatoes and summer asparagus. (And a glass of cold Sauvignon Blanc!)

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Even Supermodels Have Bad Skin Days

She is more used to being seen gracing the covers of Vogue, but when supermodel Lily Cole stepped out for lunch this week she proved that even supermodels have bad skin days.

The 23 year old recently admitted that she preferred the ‘natural look’, and the model turned actress certainly showed that when she dined out wearing little or no makeup. Her natural look revealed a less than perfect complexion, with her skin appearing red and spotty.

But Lily isn’t alone. Thousands of women still suffer from mild acne long after their teenage years, when the problem is more common.

Most skin experts believe that an increase in the male hormone, testosterone, is one of the main causes. It creates an excess of sebum — an oily/waxy substance produced by the sebaceous glands to lubricate the skin. Too much sebum causes a build-up of oil and dead skin cells in hair follicle pores. Bacteria make their way to the blockage, and the growth in bacteria causes acne.

Many facets of modern life are also thought to exacerbate it, including junk food, the excessive consumption of sugar, hormone imbalances and stress. Interestingly, there’s also a growing school of thought that acne is genetic.

Lily was recently named as the Body Shop’s first brand ambassador and has since launched her own make up line, as she refuses to wear anything that has been tested on animals. She said she doesn’t often change her beauty products and tends to opt for the ‘less is more approach’.

‘I like to go for taupe colours, a really natural look. I like products that enhance, rather than mask your face. I don’t tend to experiment a lot with make-up, I just do what I do, but I like to play with different lip colours.’

However, the model should perhaps look at her daily skin care routine if she wants to try and manage her outbreaks. French pharmaceutical company Avene has a great range for treating skin prone to spots. Here is a step-by-step guide to how to use The Avene Cleanance range for problematic skin.

Step- 1

Splash face with water and wash with Cleanance Soap Free Gel Cleanser, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. This Soap-free cleanser eliminates impurities and excess sebum without stripping the skin.

Step- 2

Using Cleanance Ani-Shine Purifying Lotion, apply to the face with a cotton pad, after thoroughly cleansing. This Astringent toner purifies skin and tightens pores without stinging or irritating sensation. Mattifying powders help absorb excess sebum and leave skin shine-free.

Step- 3

Spray a fine mist of Avene Thermal Spring Water and wait a few moments for face to dry.

Step- 4

Follow with one of the 3 mosturisers. Choose the one which best describes the way your skin behaves.

Cleanance Anti-shine regulating lotion

Moisturiser absorbs oil and provides long lasting mattification.


A hydrating and soothing moisturiser for skin that is irritated or dehydrated by acne treatments. Complementary care to dermatological medications and treatments.

Cleanance K Oil control lotion

Daily treatment helps eliminate clogged pores, blackheads, blemishes to reveal a brighter, clearer complexion. Non-irritating formulations clinically proven to change the pattern of cycle causing acne breakouts, reduce excess sebum, and restore skin’s balance.


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H & M In Hot Water Over Summer Campaign

High street favourite H & M have been slammed by doctors after their latest summer campaign features an alarmingly tanned model.

Cancer experts have said that the retail giants have irresponsibly advertised their new swimwear collection by using a model with an incredibly deep bronzed appearance. The adverts have been used across Europe in magazines, on TV, on billboards, as well as the company’s website.

The model at the centre of the controversy is 28 year old Brazilian model, Isabeli Fontana. It is not yet clear how the model achieved her deep tan, doctors are unsure whether it was from fake tan or whether she achieved it by lying in the sun. However, it seems that either way, the company is being accused of promoting an unhealthy and potentially life threatening approach to safety in the sun.

Dr Ralph Braun, from the Early Skin Cancer Centre at Zurich University Hospital, said: ‘I find this advertisement very alarming and borderline.

‘Many people, especially the young, will try to emulate this and will try to be just as brown, although with some skin types this is just not possible.’ Swiss Cancer League spokeswoman Cornelia Egli said: ‘This completely contradicts our advertising efforts.

H&M have been quick to defend the campaign and told the Swiss press they chose a model with darker skin in order to best show the strong colours on sale this season. They claim Fontana, the model featured in the controversial campaign, was selected for her naturally dark skin and that her Brazilian nationality is another contributing factor.

However, pictures published of the model appearing in other campaigns show her with a considerably lighter skin tone. Representatives for H & M went on to say, “Of course we think that this is an important subject, however the aim with our campaign is to show our swimwear collection, which we think that Isabeli Fontana is doing in a good and inspiring way,”

Inspirational or not, there is no denying that in order to achieve a tan like Isabeli’s in the campaign, one would be putting themselves at high risk of burns and more seriously, skin cancers.

The story comes just a few weeks after a New Jersey mother was summoned to court after her 5 year old daughter was subjected to dangerous UV rays as a result of accompanying her mother whilst she used a sunbed. The mother is now facing charges after police said she brought her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth.

It caused the girl to suffer burns to her body, according to the Essex County prosecutor’s office. Patricia Krentcil, who herself is very tanned, was charged with second-degree child endangerment. No one under the age of 14 is allowed to use a tanning booth, according to New Jersey state law.

Krentcil, 44, told The Associated Press her daughter got sunburned by being outside on a recent warm day. She said her daughter, however, had mentioned to school officials when she complained of itching that she had been to a tanning salon with her mother.


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Boost your circulation

Getting glowing skin starts from the inside out. As well as eating a nice, healthy diet, you’ll also need to boost your circulation. As well as nutrients, your blood can carry toxins and pollutants throughout your body, and if your circulation is poor, this will be reflected in your complexion. So, how can we make sure our circulation is healthy?


As well as the numerous other benefits of regular exercise, you’ll also see the benefit in your skin. Aerobic exercise that pumps blood faster around your body will help to get oxygen to all your cells, including the skin. Rather than having sallow, tired looking skin, you’ll soon be enjoying that post-exercise rosy glow.


You can also boost circulation when you cleanse your skin. A hot shower will help to open up pores and bring blood to the surface, releasing dirt and oil from your skin. It also helps to oxygenate your blood. Start with hot water and finish with cold – this will first flush your skin, and then the colder water will close pores as well as being refreshing.


Clay masks and wraps are common features in spas, and have been for years – with good reason. These natural masks are rich in minerals which aid in cleansing, and many contain bentonite clay. This becomes highly absorbent when it dries, which pulls toxins and oil from beneath the skin and brings blood to the surface, stimulating circulation. Don’t overuse clay facials, however, as because they pull toxins out of the skin they can also cause breakouts.


Drinking water is of course essential to helping hydrate your whole body. Not drinking enough can also slow circulation, with skin becoming flaky and dry, as well as making wrinkles worse. Two litres of water a day is a good amount to aim for.

Keeping your circulation healthy goes hand in hand with a fresh and glowing complexion. If you want healthy, hydrated skin, making sure you’re healthy insides is just as important as the products you use on the outside.

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Kitchen cupboard remedies

Though celebrities may have hundreds to splash out on expensive fad beauty treatments, the recipe for looking good doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We’ve gathered some top natural beauty tips from celeb-land – all you need to do is raid your kitchen cupboards!

Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta Jones swears by strawberries for their natural teeth whitening properties. She also uses honey as a fantastic way to enhance her skin. By mixing an egg, a dash of olive oil, a spoonful of honey and a few drops of rosewater, you can make a sweet smelling and hydrating face mask. This can help banish winter dry skin, and most importantly, is fantastically easy to make.

There are many treatments and remedies available for spots and acne but they’re often harsh on the skin. Cameron Diaz is said to regularly use powdered milk as a gentle exfoliant for her spot prone complexion. Using two teaspoons of powdered milk, gently rub on a damp face and neck for a smoothing effect. This leaves your skin supple and cleansed without drying it out.

Jennifer Love Hewitt uses a dab of white toothpaste applied to spots after cleansing to shrink and reduce redness. Use this with care if you’ve got sensitive skin, but it can help to dry out spots quickly – make sure to moisturise as well. If you need more help with acne, here at Natura we offer some brilliant acne treatments that can give great results.

Though these tips are cheap and easy to try, the best beauty tips really are those that are free. Drinking plenty of water, getting a good night’s sleep and doing plenty of exercise are all essential for maintaining our natural beauty.

If you do need any more help with your skin care, here at Natura we are dedicated to achieving natural looking beauty. We are here to give a helping hand!

Natura Skin Clinic

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Get Spa-fresh skin with Avene


If you’re looking for a new and nourishing skin care product, then here at Natura can let you into a bit of a secret. We’re big fans of Avene – a unique brand which adds spa water to all their products, making them ideal for all types of skin.

Eau Thermale Avene products all contain spring water from the Sainte Odile spring in France. This spa water is rich in goodness that is clinically proven to be naturally soothing, anti-irritant as well as fighting ageing free-radicals. This makes Avene products perfect for all types of skin conditions, from dermatitis to eczema and many more.

The Avene philosophy is committed to giving the best care for sensitive, intolerant and allergic skin. So, even if your skin reacts easily to products, you can enjoy a spa skin treatment that can improve your complexion. If you need a routine to suit your sensitive skin, then Avene offer a range of products that can help.

From hydrating serums to cleansers, toners and suncare, Avene have a full range of products. You can also buy thermal water spray for misting, which is ideal for refreshing your skin in the summer as well as being soothing for acne and sunburn.

The Avene skin care routine has three steps:

Step one: Cleanse with a cleanser adapted to your specific skin type.

Step two: Soothe your skin with a misting of Avene Thermal Spring Water.

Step three: Moisturise with a suited moisturiser, both in the morning and evening.

By using Avene products at every stage, you can soothe, nourish and cleanse your skin, ensuring your complexion looks spa-fresh at all times.

We love Avene, especially with its targeting of skin problems that many mainstream products aren’t suited for. If you’ve got sensitive skin and struggle to find products to suit your complexion, this innovative French brand could have a lot to offer.

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Skin care for Rosacea

If you suffer from rosacea, your skin is likely to be sensitive. So, how can you care for your skin if you have this condition?

Avene Skin Care

Rosacea is a chronic skin problem, characterised by flushing, persistent redness and lumps and bumps on the face and surrounding skin. It worsens with age if left untreated, and can also lead to skin thickening.

Skin Care

Consistent skin care can help with the day to day treating of rosacea.

Look out for rosacea irritants, which can make your skin flare up. Surveys have shown that alcohol, witch hazel, fragrance, menthol and peppermint have all been common irritation triggers. Your skin will be sensitive, so try to avoid harsh cleansing products such as astringents and exfoliating agents.

For sensitive skin, fragrance free skin care and make up products are essential, and even more so if you’re prone to rosacea. Fragrances added to skin care products are often irritating for skin, so make sure to invest in some gentle, allergy tested products.

Using minimal products will reduce the chances of irritating your skin and causing a flare up. You can also look for products that have multiple functions which will reduce the number of individual products you’re using.

Make sure to test all your skin care products first before applying them to your face. Try it on a small patch on your neck, for example – if you find the product irritates your skin, make a note of the ingredients and obviously avoid the product itself.

Rosacea irritants vary from person to person, so make sure you’re using your own skin as a guide.

Rosacea Treatments

If you want to tackle rosacea head on, Natura offer some targeted treatments that can give marked improvements. Using medical grade lasers, we can trigger the healing processes within the skin and blood vessels and address the problem at the source.

If you suffer from rosacea, sensitive skin care is extra important – but our gold standard of treatment can help you to reduce the appearance of the condition, restoring your self confidence and revealing a glowing complexion.

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Troublesome T-Zones

If you’ve got combination skin – if some areas of your face are dry whereas others are oily – then chances are you struggle with an oily t-zone. This can lead to lots of problems, especially when it comes to cleansing and achieving even skin tone.

Where is the T-zone?

If you imagine drawing a ‘T’ on your face, the t-zone is your forehead, nose and chin. These are areas that are normally oily with combination skin, and could be most prone to shine and breakouts. If you suffer from acne or blackheads, these could well be your problem areas.

Unfortunately, they’re also the areas that are most difficult to hide, and are the areas that people see first on your face.

How can you care for an oily T-Zone?

Using the right cleanser can go a long way. Avoid using overly harsh products, as although this will strip away the oil, it will also cause your skin to overproduce oil in compensation. A gel cleanser can work, but you can also use oil based ones – though this might seem counter-intuitive. Oil based cleansers will let you skin stay moisturised and will attract excess oil.

Astringents can be helpful, but only if your skin is very oily. Use with care – they can cause your skin to dry out and be left feeling tight.

A targeted facial mask for oily skin can help, as well as being a nice thing to do every week or so. Tea tree or clay based masks are good ones to opt for. For combination skin where your cheeks are dry, apply the mask only to the t-zone to avoid drying out your skin too much.

If you want to improve the overall complexion of your face, then Natura offer some targeted treatments that can help. Skin resurfacing can help with enlarged pores and poor texture, as well as making skin firmer and more youthful. We also offer acne treatments, for both scarring and active acne.

Combination skin is a problem for many of us, but there are ways of tackling its effects and achieving that glowing complexion we’re all looking for.

Natura Skin Clinic

Natura Skin Clinic