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Relaxing treatments

If your perfect idea of a cosmetic treatment is laying back and relaxing, then a new therapy sweeping Europe might be just your cup of tea.

Beautytek is a natural alternative to surgery aims to reshape many problem areas through mild electrical pulses, flattening and lifting as it goes. It is believed to trigger the body’s natural chemicals to encourage anti-aging effects, which can be seen even after the first treatment.

Beauty Tek

It was originally designed as hospital treatment for pain, but is now used for its cosmetic effects by hundreds of clinics across Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Norway.

The treatment looks to correct the electrical flow in our bodies. When misaligned, Beautytek practitioners believe this causes problems such as spots, wrinkles, fatigue and weight problems. Each treatment can be individually tailored and can be used to target a specific problem area with none of the fuss and pain of surgery.

There are claims it can smooth wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks, as well as boosting blood circulation and increasing muscle tone. Even after one forty five minute session it claims to be able to give a younger and more sculpted look, and is completely drug and pain free.

Clinics offering Beautytek therapy are few and far between in the UK, but its positive results and lack of side effects could soon perhaps see it sweeping the nation.

However, aside from the good reviews it has received from patients, full clinical trials have not yet been completed for Beautytek. Though this treatment may sound like a miracle cure-all, systematic testing hasn’t been carried out. This will be needed for a more widespread endorsement from dermatologists.

So, if you’re looking for an equally non-invasive and effective treatment with a proven track record, here at Natura we offer many brilliant alternatives.

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The new A Lift

The team at Natura are always interested in new beauty treatments and we try to keep abreast of the news. Today we’re looking at a new product and treatment called the A Lift.

Completely popular with a range of celebrities from Meg Matthews, to Amy Childs from The Only Way Is Essex, the A Lift is a treatment which uses nano technology and tiny pulses of electricity to reverse the signs of aging. This treatment can improve the look of skin and literally airbrush away fine lines, just after one treatment.

The A Lift boasts the reduction of fine lines, improved look of skin, better circulation to the skin, improves muscle tone and lift and has an effect that will last.

The A Lift is a non invasive treatment which is painless, uses no chemicals and has no side effects, is it something you could literally have done during your lunch break and the beauty industry has been whipped up into a frenzy because of this fantastic treatment.

Although we don’t offer A Lift at Natura, we do offer a range of facial treatments which will offer the same results.

Our Laser Skin Tightening will produce wonderfully smooth skin, which is rejuvenated and toned. Fractional C02 treatment can reduce fine lines and provide the skin with refreshed cells, providing a rosy glow and fresher looking skin.

So, even when the media talk about a range of different treatments and products, there are always clinics offering their versions of these particular products.

The great thing about these range of products is that there is a noticeable difference after one treatment. Celebs love this, popping out for a treatment ready for a night on the red carpet, it is truly amazing how the worlds media notice small things about their appearance, but it makes the rest of us want to go and have a facial.

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Life in HD

It’s the modern way of seeing things. High Definition has taken over our lives in a big way, from HD Televisions and screens, HD Phones, HD Computers and pictures and now, HD Eyebrows.

Yes, that is right- High Definition Eyebrows. It’s a huge trend that is leading the beauty world and the moment and the choice of many celebrities. Although the team at Natura do not offer this treatment, we are always interested in other innovative beauty treatments.

What are HD eyebrows?

High Definition eyebrows and simple a way of making your eyebrows look incredible. There are 7 steps to the perfect brow which includes tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing, fresh makeup and a special eyebrow palette to create incredible celebrity style brows.

The difference with HD brows is the shape of the brow, which is created by utelising the hair already present and extending the shape, with the use of colour and clever techniques.

It is quite an incredible beauty treatment that really does transform the look of some peoples faces and the great thing is, this is not just for the ladies, on no, plenty have men can boast that they have HD eyebrows.

This high precision procedure creates a beautiful shape on the brow, even for those who have over plucked their eyebrows. It is not permanent so does need repeating every 4-6 weeks, but after your treatment you can purchase the High Definition Eyebrow palette which enables you to keep those brows in check 24/7.

It’s incredible when you see the before and after pictures of HD Brows. This treatment is incredibly popular amongst the A-listers but is available in many beauty clinics across the UK. So if you would rather look chic instead of cave woman, make sure you treat yourself to a set of High Definition Eyebrows. They really do lift and frame your face, enhancing your natural features and make you look incredibly sharp.

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Banish Cellulite forever.

It was announced in the news yesterday, that a process of treating cellulite permanently has been passed by the FDA.

Cellulaze is the first laser based treatment which helps women and men get rid of cellulite on a permanent basis. There are thousands of treatments which offer a temporary solution and are non invasive, but this is an actual surgical treatment.

Cellulaze is produced by Cyosure, one of the worlds leading laser manufacturers. They came up with the original Smart Lipo laser.

Back in September 2011, Cellulaze launched the treatment for the long term removal of cellulite, in the UK.

“Cellulaze is the world’s first surgical treatment for cellulite designed to treat women who have struggled to eliminate cellulite through diet and exercise,” said Cynosure President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Davin.

Cellulaze is the only treatment that actually focuses in on the actual structure of the cellulite and has had great success in the UK. Where clients have shown that even after 2 years post operation, the cellulite has not returned.

Neil Wolfenden, Cynosure UK Managing Director, said:

“We have been extremely fortunate that in Europe the Cellulaze laser treatment has CE mark approval prior to the awaiting FDA approval. To-date we have witnessed high patient satisfaction across the board, and impressive national press coverage.

“The recent FDA approval now provides extra peace of mind and assurance to the UK surgeons and patients that Celllulaze is now a global phenomenon in aesthetic surgery.”

After 4 years of clinical research, Cellulaze stands apart from any other cellulite removal treatment and is the only kind. Research has shown that the treatment can also thicken skin by 25%  and increase elasticity by 29% after one year. No other treatment has been shown to produce these incredible results.

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Trying something new

For years you may have tried and tested hundreds of products to give your skin a certain lift. The amount of choice available in terms of beauty products is incredible and can send us into a spin. Some may find they spend uneccessary time picking up different products, reading exactly what they do and lets me honest, looking at the price.

We are lucky to have so many products and treatments which are tailored to certain skin types. If you suffer from dry, normal or oily skin, there is a whole universe of skin creams, cleansers and cosmetics which clean, moisturise, lift, reduce lines, highlight, create a glow, as you can see there is a product or treatment for pretty much every complaint.

Although you may have found something that works for you, sometimes it is a great idea to try something new. Why? Because your skin gets used to particular products and this doesn’t seem to provide the results that you may have originally found. Obviously if you have found something that gives you the best skin ever, we’re not saying get rid- we’re simply saying, if you find that you skin is still dry, or too oily, or you are not finding you get the effects you desire, it may be an idea to try a natural product or something completely different, like a longer lasting treatment.

Most beauty counters and specialist brands in the bigger department stores can offer great advice when it comes to your skin type and exactly what type of product will help you reduce fine lines, tighten skin, plump up skin and ultimately provide you with a more youthful look.

If you are curious about your skin and what products or treatments would suit you best from a professional perspective, you can seek advice from our skin specialist at Natura Skin Clinic, who is also a qualified Dr.

There are so many options available to improve your skin and your look, why not try something new?




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