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A trip to India

In this weeks news, it has been highlighted that millions of people flock to India for cosmetic surgery.

A group of Ugandan women were interviewed as they took a month long tour of the country, to undergo an incredible transformation. They would return to Uganda slimmer and full of life and confident. What were their reasons for choosing India as a destination for cosmetic surgery? Mainly because of the low costs, great facilities and English Speaking doctors.

The popularity of cosmetic surgery has risen in the past 20 years and many will travel the world to attain a new figure and better skin, yet, here in the UK we are so lucky to have top quality clinics where you will see professional Dr’s and the treatments are incredibly affordable.

What more could be more comforting than the thought of having a procedure in a town or city that is not far from home, friends and family can visit and show their support, or you can simply pop home for a nice cup of tea and put your feet up.

No longer is it necessary to book flights to some far distant country in the name of beauty, it is right on your doorstep.

Cost is one of the major factors that encourages people to fly away for treatments, but in the UK we have specialist skin clinics which provide high quality treatments at an affordable price.

The key is to do your research, talk to the Dr’s and surgeons. Talk to people who have had treatments and gauge where you would like to go and exactly what outcomes you would like to achieve.

As for the Ugandan women, they have opted for a “mommy makeover” which in the USA costs five times more than in India.

Medical Tourism is booming overseas, but we think we’d like to pop out somewhere local, it would save all of that jet lag!

Natura Skin Clinic

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Trying something new

For years you may have tried and tested hundreds of products to give your skin a certain lift. The amount of choice available in terms of beauty products is incredible and can send us into a spin. Some may find they spend uneccessary time picking up different products, reading exactly what they do and lets me honest, looking at the price.

We are lucky to have so many products and treatments which are tailored to certain skin types. If you suffer from dry, normal or oily skin, there is a whole universe of skin creams, cleansers and cosmetics which clean, moisturise, lift, reduce lines, highlight, create a glow, as you can see there is a product or treatment for pretty much every complaint.

Although you may have found something that works for you, sometimes it is a great idea to try something new. Why? Because your skin gets used to particular products and this doesn’t seem to provide the results that you may have originally found. Obviously if you have found something that gives you the best skin ever, we’re not saying get rid- we’re simply saying, if you find that you skin is still dry, or too oily, or you are not finding you get the effects you desire, it may be an idea to try a natural product or something completely different, like a longer lasting treatment.

Most beauty counters and specialist brands in the bigger department stores can offer great advice when it comes to your skin type and exactly what type of product will help you reduce fine lines, tighten skin, plump up skin and ultimately provide you with a more youthful look.

If you are curious about your skin and what products or treatments would suit you best from a professional perspective, you can seek advice from our skin specialist at Natura Skin Clinic, who is also a qualified Dr.

There are so many options available to improve your skin and your look, why not try something new?




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Does Dry Skin = More Wrinkles?

It may be the tales of fish wives, but for years many women have believed that oily or combination skin results in fewer wrinkle. Is this true? Do those with dry skin suffer lines from an earlier age? And what are the solutions?

Nobody really likes wrinkles and they are the sure fire way to make someone look older, despite that persons actual age.

Those who suffer with dry skin could be prone to more wrinkles as the skin is dehydrated, looses moisture and as time moves on less collagen is produced. This would make the skin sag and not plump out as it would have in our younger years. As we age, skin becomes thinner and this causes lines and furrows to appear around the eyes and forehead.

Dry skin can produce premature wrinkles on skin. Those who suffer from dry skin will tend to have wrinkles appear before those with normal or oily skin. Sun damage also increases the appearance of fine lines, as well as smoking and an unhealthy lifestyle.

What are the solutions?

We are lucky enough to live in an age full of choice and no longer do we need to put up and shut up.

From basic creams and wonder products found on the high street, to cosmetic surgery, the other end of the scale. Those products and treatments that lie in between, provide results which are natural and lasting.

Non-invasive treatment can erase fine lines and furrows, resulting in the smooth youthful complexion you desire.

Certain treatments can also re-plump your face, so if you were famous in your day for amazing cheekbones, but time has seemed to make then disappear, non-invasive treatments can re-create the shape of your face that attracted many admirers.

If you do have dry skin, the best prevention from an early age is the use of rich moisturisers both day and night.

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Look Xtra amazing for Xmas

Christmas is coming and the party season is starting. So what’s the best way to look fresh-faced and maintain a youthful glow with all those late nights coming up!

At Natura Skin Clinic, we recommend two options for our patients in the run up to Christmas, which should be carried out at least two weeks before a party.

The first is to combine Botox and a Laser Dermabrasion. Botox softens wrinkles and is a quick fix, taking about 25 minutes. Laser Dermabrasion is a mild laser peel that can also be done in a lunchtime: a perfect time-saving treatment during busy December for lifeless skin. It’s also ideal for your neck and décolletage: the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new LBD!

A second party package is Laser Dermabrasion with wonder filler, Restylane Vital. These Dermal Fillers reduce lines safely and effectively, creates volume and can also enhance lips ready in time for mistletoe kisses.

If you haven’t booked with Natura before, why not contact us for a free, no-obligation Skin Evaluation? All treatments are carried out in total clinical safety by our GPs.

The treatment diary before Christmas is starting to fill up, so we recommend booking as early as possible. Email or call us on 01925 398 304.  You shall go to the ball!


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