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Naturally Beautiful

Here at Natura Skin Clinic we believe that natural looking beauty is the best kind. Surprisingly, a recent survey from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons goes a long way to prove this. Of over 13million cosmetic procedures in the US in 2010, nearly 90% were non-invasive. Across all demographics, male and female patients said that they preferred a non-surgical approach.

Natural Beauty

People said that the natural results, minimal side effects and cost-effectiveness were all advantages of the non-invasive route. It’s possible to fit a treatment into your schedule without needing to drop everything that you’re doing.

With a buzz surrounding treatments such as the A-Lift, convenience also plays a huge role. Most treatments really can be done on your lunch break, with often instant and long lasting results. We all struggle to fit a comprehensive beauty regime into the everyday and cosmetic treatments like those at Natura are a great option.

Tailored Treatment

It is easy to tailor a cosmetic treatment plan to anyone’s individual needs. At Natura, we offer free skin evaluations so we can come up with the best treatment plan for you. Therapies are always centered on achieving natural results, so we can work with you to get the best outcome possible.

With advances in laser therapy and new treatments always being developed, many experts are excited for the possibilities of 2012, especially when it comes to anti-aging treatments. The benefits to patients are always being improved.

The UK looks set to follow this US trend. Today, high street chain Superdrug announced it plans to launch its own skin care clinics by 2013, with treatments such as laser hair removal, facial peels and fillers.

If you’re looking for non-invasive treatments, then Natura offer a wide range of tailored therapies. We’re backed up by years of expertise, and always remain committed to achieving your desired natural look.

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Get your pins out!

For many of us, the chilly winter is a great excuse to wrap up in cosy knits which are perfect for disguising our insecurities. However, as the weather gets warmer, we inevitably need to dust off those shorts and t-shirts, often an uncomfortable experience.

If you suffer from the common problem of spider veins or leg veins, this may well sound familiar.

Occurring all over the face and body, they’re often a source of self-consciousness. Even though they most commonly worsen with age, vein problems can develop much earlier in life. However, they’re not something we simply need to put up with.

Though most often not dangerous, spider veins can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Varicose veins can lead to more serious health problems such as increased bleeding from injuries and sores or skin ulcers.

If you want take action against spider or leg veins, there are many things that can help. Unless treated, these types of veins will never fade so it’s worth getting proactive to tackle them.

Compression stockings can put helpful pressure on leg veins, relieving discomfort. There are both over the counter and prescription varieties, and so are suitable for different severities of the condition. However, they will not address the appearance of the veins.

Here at Natura we offer laser treatment for leg and spider veins. We also treat varicose veins up to 4mm. This is a virtually pain free therapy carried out with medical grade lasers which can go a long way to reducing the appearance of uncomfortable or embarrassing veins.

With most people needing two to three treatments to achieve their desired result, getting ahead of the game is vital if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of veins in time for the sunshine.

Here at Natura we offer a gold standard in care. Our experts can advise you further, helping you make the most of all your treatment options.

Natura Skin Clinic

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Relaxing treatments

If your perfect idea of a cosmetic treatment is laying back and relaxing, then a new therapy sweeping Europe might be just your cup of tea.

Beautytek is a natural alternative to surgery aims to reshape many problem areas through mild electrical pulses, flattening and lifting as it goes. It is believed to trigger the body’s natural chemicals to encourage anti-aging effects, which can be seen even after the first treatment.

Beauty Tek

It was originally designed as hospital treatment for pain, but is now used for its cosmetic effects by hundreds of clinics across Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Norway.

The treatment looks to correct the electrical flow in our bodies. When misaligned, Beautytek practitioners believe this causes problems such as spots, wrinkles, fatigue and weight problems. Each treatment can be individually tailored and can be used to target a specific problem area with none of the fuss and pain of surgery.

There are claims it can smooth wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks, as well as boosting blood circulation and increasing muscle tone. Even after one forty five minute session it claims to be able to give a younger and more sculpted look, and is completely drug and pain free.

Clinics offering Beautytek therapy are few and far between in the UK, but its positive results and lack of side effects could soon perhaps see it sweeping the nation.

However, aside from the good reviews it has received from patients, full clinical trials have not yet been completed for Beautytek. Though this treatment may sound like a miracle cure-all, systematic testing hasn’t been carried out. This will be needed for a more widespread endorsement from dermatologists.

So, if you’re looking for an equally non-invasive and effective treatment with a proven track record, here at Natura we offer many brilliant alternatives.

Natura Skin Clinic


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The new A Lift

The team at Natura are always interested in new beauty treatments and we try to keep abreast of the news. Today we’re looking at a new product and treatment called the A Lift.

Completely popular with a range of celebrities from Meg Matthews, to Amy Childs from The Only Way Is Essex, the A Lift is a treatment which uses nano technology and tiny pulses of electricity to reverse the signs of aging. This treatment can improve the look of skin and literally airbrush away fine lines, just after one treatment.

The A Lift boasts the reduction of fine lines, improved look of skin, better circulation to the skin, improves muscle tone and lift and has an effect that will last.

The A Lift is a non invasive treatment which is painless, uses no chemicals and has no side effects, is it something you could literally have done during your lunch break and the beauty industry has been whipped up into a frenzy because of this fantastic treatment.

Although we don’t offer A Lift at Natura, we do offer a range of facial treatments which will offer the same results.

Our Laser Skin Tightening will produce wonderfully smooth skin, which is rejuvenated and toned. Fractional C02 treatment can reduce fine lines and provide the skin with refreshed cells, providing a rosy glow and fresher looking skin.

So, even when the media talk about a range of different treatments and products, there are always clinics offering their versions of these particular products.

The great thing about these range of products is that there is a noticeable difference after one treatment. Celebs love this, popping out for a treatment ready for a night on the red carpet, it is truly amazing how the worlds media notice small things about their appearance, but it makes the rest of us want to go and have a facial.

Natura Skin Clinic



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Banish Cellulite forever.

It was announced in the news yesterday, that a process of treating cellulite permanently has been passed by the FDA.

Cellulaze is the first laser based treatment which helps women and men get rid of cellulite on a permanent basis. There are thousands of treatments which offer a temporary solution and are non invasive, but this is an actual surgical treatment.

Cellulaze is produced by Cyosure, one of the worlds leading laser manufacturers. They came up with the original Smart Lipo laser.

Back in September 2011, Cellulaze launched the treatment for the long term removal of cellulite, in the UK.

“Cellulaze is the world’s first surgical treatment for cellulite designed to treat women who have struggled to eliminate cellulite through diet and exercise,” said Cynosure President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Davin.

Cellulaze is the only treatment that actually focuses in on the actual structure of the cellulite and has had great success in the UK. Where clients have shown that even after 2 years post operation, the cellulite has not returned.

Neil Wolfenden, Cynosure UK Managing Director, said:

“We have been extremely fortunate that in Europe the Cellulaze laser treatment has CE mark approval prior to the awaiting FDA approval. To-date we have witnessed high patient satisfaction across the board, and impressive national press coverage.

“The recent FDA approval now provides extra peace of mind and assurance to the UK surgeons and patients that Celllulaze is now a global phenomenon in aesthetic surgery.”

After 4 years of clinical research, Cellulaze stands apart from any other cellulite removal treatment and is the only kind. Research has shown that the treatment can also thicken skin by 25%  and increase elasticity by 29% after one year. No other treatment has been shown to produce these incredible results.

Natura Skin Clinic

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Rise in male tummy tucks.

In the news today it has been reported that there has been a dramatic rise in the amount of men having tummy tuck surgery.

In a bid to get slimmer, or after sticking to a healthy diet and fitness regime to loose weight, many men are going under the knife to attain that much slender look and get rid of any of those unwanted “aprons”, the skin that hangs down from the front of the body.

Not only has there been an increase in surgery, but non invasive treatments and normal treatments using natural products.

Mens grooming sales have increased, it is more and more acceptable for men to take care of themselves and make sure they look and smell their best.

The term “metrosexual” is used to describe this new breed of man that takes as much interest in their appearance as women do.

Some men will always be men and accept that they are who they are, but some are seeking new ways to growing old gracefully, including hair transplants and line reduction.

It follows a flurry of male celebs which have had obvious treatments to improve their looks.

Is this such as bad thing? The team at Natura Skin Clinic don’t think so, why not take pride in your appearance. Yes there may be a line where men might become obsessed with treatments, but at the moment, if it’s a case of a little treatment here and there, we don’t think that is bad at all.

Men account for 10% of all cosmetic surgery performed in the UK and this number is ever rising.

We take our hats off to those men who like to pamper themselves from time to time, if women can do it, why can’t men.

Growing old gracefully isn’t always easy these days, so a little helping hand is always welcome.

Natura Skin Clinic


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Can counselling clear your skin

The team at Natura Skin clinic are always on the look out for incredible news and interesting stories. Today in the news we found a brilliant and heart warming story about a woman who suffered from debilitating psoriasis. She has suffered for years, covering her body from head to toe with an array of medications and always opted for full coverage, when it came to clothing.

Finally after years of stress and worry, she was referred to a counsellor and during sessions realised her whole life revolved around her skin.

After a few sessions of talking, thinking about her life and putting things into perspective she noticed her stress levels had calmed incredibly. By the end of her first year of therapy, the psoriasis on her body had halved.

Psychodermatology is the process of treating skin conditions with counselling. Therapists tend to treat patients using antibiotics and a course of Therapy. It enables sufferers to calm down, put their lives in order and learn how to relax and deal with stressful situations.

Many complaints can be directly connected to stress. It is incredible what the brain can do to a body and to the skin through the nervous system. They are intrinsically linked. When we are scared, we break out in a cold sweat, when we’re embarrassed, we blush.

Stress triggers hormones in the body such as testosterone. This increases the production of sebum from our glands and can contribute to acne. They key is to relieve those stressful thoughts and situations, then try and gain some of the feel good endorphins, these can be made by exercise and laughter.

Psychodermatology is a great way to treat conditions, but if all else fails what other options are there?

The answer is many and they are affordable, in fact you will find treatments in your local area. If you are suffering skin conditions, think about your stress levels and try to relax.

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Not just for the Ladies

In the news today, there are reports of an increase in Men seeking a more youthful complexion and tackling lines and scars with the use of non invasive treatments and cosmetic surgery.

The number of men taking more of an interest in their appearance has risen by 7%, a trend set by celebrities, such as Wayne Rooney with his new head of hair and Gorden Ramsey with his less furrowed brow and chin.

According to the BAAPS (the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) men account for 10% of all cosmetic surgery carried out in the UK and recent results show that result has risen by 7%.

The team at Natura Skin Clinic think this is wonderful news, why shouldn’t men seek perfection? Not to mention a man who looks after himself and his looks is, in some eyes,  incredibly attractive.

Non surgical face lifts seem to be common place amongst men. This involves treatments that improve the condition of the skin and encourage the growth of new cells as well as plumping out skin, so it creates a smooth contour.

Many men over the age of 35 are now becoming regular users of fillers to help them keep a youthful appearance.

Some may have realised the damaged caused to the skin from their earlier years of sun worship, partying hard and working in harsh conditions and sought action, before the effects get any worse. These elements all contribute to the condition of the skin.

We are always glad to see gentlemen at Natura Skin Clinic. We offer a personal service and can tailor treatments to produce a very natural look. Our treatments are carried out by professional qualified Doctors and you are put at ease.

If you are considering treatments to enhance your natural looks, do not hesitate to contact us, we open our arms to both men and women, as we know that looking good makes you feel great, whatever age or gender.



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A trip to India

In this weeks news, it has been highlighted that millions of people flock to India for cosmetic surgery.

A group of Ugandan women were interviewed as they took a month long tour of the country, to undergo an incredible transformation. They would return to Uganda slimmer and full of life and confident. What were their reasons for choosing India as a destination for cosmetic surgery? Mainly because of the low costs, great facilities and English Speaking doctors.

The popularity of cosmetic surgery has risen in the past 20 years and many will travel the world to attain a new figure and better skin, yet, here in the UK we are so lucky to have top quality clinics where you will see professional Dr’s and the treatments are incredibly affordable.

What more could be more comforting than the thought of having a procedure in a town or city that is not far from home, friends and family can visit and show their support, or you can simply pop home for a nice cup of tea and put your feet up.

No longer is it necessary to book flights to some far distant country in the name of beauty, it is right on your doorstep.

Cost is one of the major factors that encourages people to fly away for treatments, but in the UK we have specialist skin clinics which provide high quality treatments at an affordable price.

The key is to do your research, talk to the Dr’s and surgeons. Talk to people who have had treatments and gauge where you would like to go and exactly what outcomes you would like to achieve.

As for the Ugandan women, they have opted for a “mommy makeover” which in the USA costs five times more than in India.

Medical Tourism is booming overseas, but we think we’d like to pop out somewhere local, it would save all of that jet lag!

Natura Skin Clinic

Natura Skin Clinic