Botox is one of the world’s most popular aesthetic treatments, resulting in younger, smoother-looking skin by softening facial expression lines and wrinkles. It is also the only effective way to stop excessive underarm sweating. Botox is a totally safe and thoroughly tested procedure that’s been used around the world for over a decade.

Although many associate the treatment with celebrities, having Botox is actually a very affordable option at Natura Skin Clinic.

Quick and simple

Our fully qualified team of doctors are committed to ensuring all Natura patients benefit from natural-looking treatments, without any hint of a ‘frozen’ face.

Botox works by manipulating nerve impulses and softening muscle contractions in areas such as the forehead and around the eyes.  It is administered through an injection with a delicate needle that pinpoints the exact areas of the face.

Gentle and long-lasting

The feeling is similar to that of a nettle sting for a few seconds. In fact, no general or local anesthetic is necessary and, just 25 minutes after your treatment, you’re ready to continue with your day or go back to work.

The effects of the treatment are gradual: you should see a difference within five days and the full effect within two weeks.

Maintain your appearance easily

Botox usually lasts between 4 and 6 months, wearing off over time, which allows Natura patients to try the treatment without any fear of undesirable, long-lasting effects. Many of our patients regularly visit us to ‘top up’ their Botox programme.

For further information or to arrange a free Skin Evaluation, call Natura on 01925 398 304.

Our doctor answers your questions

  • How many treatments would I need for the result I want?

    For treating fine lines and wrinkles, and underarms for sweating, we can achieve the desired result in one treatment at Natura. However, facial treatment can be performed in stages, over the course of two weeks, for a less dramatic, more gradual result.

  • Why doesn’t Natura charge by area like most clinics?

    Everybody’s face is different. Depending on your age, whether you’ve had Botox before and if you have particularly strong facial muscles, the amount of Botox required may vary. After the first injection, the doctor will have a better idea of how much you need and, if required, you may need to come back for a top up. This way you know in the future that you will only be paying for the Botox you need.

  • How long does Botox last?

    Botox typically lasts between 4 and 6 months.

  • How long does the procedure take?

    The procedure itself is very quick, taking no more than 20-25 minutes.

  • Are there any additional options you might discuss with me?

    Additional treatments we may also advise you on for fine lines and wrinkles include, Dermal Fillers, SmartXide Laser Skin Resurfacing, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Rehydration and Titan Skin Tightening.

  • Is there anything I should be aware of?

    First time users frequently remark how painfree the treatment is. Even if you dislike needles, having Botox is quite a painless procedure – many of our patients say the sensation is simply like a little sting.

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Pam Ousby

The results of my treatment are fantastic. I look naturally enhanced and feel younger too.

Read Pam's story


Pam Ousby

Pamela Ousby, aged 39 years, came to Natura Skin Clinic looking to find out how injectables could help treat her deep lines and wrinkles.

“I began to notice the fine lines, on my face, deepening and they were starting to look and feel more obvious to me”

“For the last couple of years I began to notice the fine lines, on my face, deepening and they were starting to look and feel more obvious to me. I had seen wrinkle reducing creams in the past but I wanted to have something done that would actually give proven and visible results. However, at the same time I didn’t want to drastically change my looks so it was very important to me that I found a doctor and clinic capable of the balancing the two.”

“I would be able to notice an improvement, but it would be subtle and natural looking, exactly what I was hoping to achieve.”

“I rang Natura Skin Clinic and booked a free skin evaluation. After looking on the internet I realised just how many different wrinkle reducing treatments are available so I wanted to discuss which would be best for me with a doctor. After speaking with Dr. Xavier I decided to book a course of Botox. He reassured me that I would be able to notice an improvement but it would be subtle and natural looking, which was exactly what I was hoping to achieve.”

“On the day of the treatment I arrived at the clinic and was greeted by the staff. I felt at ease because I knew that the doctor who would be carrying out my treatment was experienced and because I had seen him for my skin evaluation I didn’t need to explain everything all over again. The doctor knew already exactly how I wanted the results of the treatment to look.”

“I recommend Natura Skin Clinic to everyone. I am so pleased with the results of my treatment and everyone comments on how good I look. If you want to look and feel better without changing who you are, Natura Skin Clinic is the only place to go!”