Botox in Liverpool

Thinking about having Botox in Liverpool? Natura Skin Clinic is just a 20 minute drive away.

As we get older and our skin begins to show our age, we not only start to look older, we also feel much older too. The onset of fine lines and wrinkles can be a troubling problem but luckily, Natura Skin Clinic can provide expertly administered Botox injections to combat these tell tale signs of ageing.

You can feel confident knowing that you can restore aspects of your youth whilst being in the capable hands of the professionals.

The treatment itself is very quick and painless and patients can achieve fantastic results without going under the knife. Botox has been used as a fine line and wrinkle treatment since the late 1990s and at Natura Skin Clinic only fully qualified doctors carry out the procedure.

Our friendly, family run private clinic is just a short drive from Liverpool. We provide an on going skin consultancy service to all our patients to ensure optimum longevity of results.

Why Natura?

Why choose Natura for your botox treatment?

  • The doctor you meet for your skin evaluation will carry out your botox treatment
  • We aim to provide you with natural looking results
  • Treatments at Natura are only carried out by fully qualified doctors.
  • We also have a range of complementary treatments which can enhance the results of your botox

All our patients are offered a free skin evaluation with our doctors before going ahead with the treatment. This is a chance for you to have any questions you may have answered, and you are also made aware of every aspect of the treatment. Many of our patients go ahead with their treatment the same day.

Where to find us

For Botox in Liverpool, finding Natura Skin Clinic couldn’t be easier.

We are conveniently located 14 miles west of Manchester City Centre and 15 miles east of Liverpool, just off the A580 East Lancs Rd at the Lowton junction.

  • 3.0 Miles from Glazebury
  • 4.9 Miles from Winwick Quay
  • 9.1 Miles from Lymm
  • 11 Miles from Frodsham

To book your free skin evaluation at Natura Skin Clinic contact us on 01925 398 304.