Botox near Bolton

If you are looking to have Botox in Bolton, Natura is conveniently located 9 miles from the Bolton City Centre.

Fine lines and wrinkles become somewhat of inevitability, as we get older. But you needn’t worry about those tell tale signs of aging any more. Natura Skin Clinic offer expertly administered Botox injections so you can achieve a natural and radiant glow. All our treatments are carried out by fully qualified doctors, so you can feel confident knowing you are in capable hands.

During your free skin evaluation all aspects of the treatment are discussed and any questions you may have can be answered. Watch our patient’s stories for more information.

Why choose Natura for your Botox treatment?

  • Natural looking results, without the worry of appearing ‘expressionless’
  • No downtime, patients can continue with their day without swelling or redness
  • Preserve aspects of your youthful appearance without looking too noticeably different
  • Slow down the signs of aging, with the help and advice of fully qualified doctors.

Unlike expensive anti-aging creams that many describe no real benefit from, Botox can give you real visible results just a few hours after treatment. Look good and smile, just without those crows feet.

Where to find us

Thinking of going ahead with Botox in Bolton? Finding Natura Skin Clinic couldn’t be easier.

We are conveniently located 14 miles west of Manchester City Centre and 15 miles east of Liverpool, just off the A580 East Lancs Rd at the Lowton junction.

  • 4.2 Miles from Croft
  • 6 Miles from Astley
  • 7.9 Miles from Burtonwood
  • 8.3 miles from Tyldsley

To book your free skin evaluation at Natura Skin Clinic, either fill out our online form on the right hand side of the page, or contact us on the number below.