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Attractive features

Valentines day is around the corner, so the team at Natura Skin Clinic, thought long and hard about what it really means and got back to the basics of attraction. What attracts men and women to one another? Is there an element where looks are important to everyone? After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Ask 100 people what physical features they find attractive and many will pick eyes, lips and teeth.

These elements allow us, as humans, to communicate with one another,  something that many other animals can not do through facial features. Our eyes can show a wealth of emotion and be very alluring. A staring gaze, or holding someones gaze, has been for years, a signal of attraction and for those who have fallen, there is nothing quite like staring into the eyes of your loved one.

Our mouth also presents how we feel. A brilliant smile can seal the deal in the attraction stakes.Biting the lip and licking teeth are signs of chemistry happening.

Some people have very different opinions about attraction. Some still believe in love at first sight. Some think there still has to be a certain attraction to that persons looks and other believe its not about looks at all and it is the personality that is attractive.

What you may not realise is that when you are attracted to someone you give off signals, with your facial characteristics, your mood, you smile, you laugh and at some points you may touch. Just a simple touch, on the arm or the back, but this touch can be explosive, the chemicals rush around your body and make you feel incredible.

Going back to the raw elements of attraction makes us realise how we first felt when we met our other halves. It would be amazing to re create those moments and feelings this Valentines day.

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