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Amazing Aloe


We’ve all heard about the skin care properties of aloe vera. However, what exactly can it help with? The secret of the aloe vera plant is the transparent juice that can be extracted from the long leaves of the succulent plant.

This is the base of aloe vera gel, which can be used on its own or is often an ingredient in other skin products. It’s suitable for all skin types, and can be used by even those with sensitive skin.

Vitamin Rich

The gel is rich in vitamins and is a close pH match to our skin, meaning it can heal without irritating. Aloe vera is packed full of vitamin E, which is an important anti-oxidant with anti-ageing properties.

Vitamin E is vital to protect our skin from UV light, pollution and other free-radicals that can cause damage to skin cells. Aloe vera is therefore a good skin care product to use for treating sun burn, as it can protect the outer layer of the epidermis from the early stages of UV damage. If you’re unlucky enough to get sunburnt, make sure to keep that aloe handy.


Aloe vera is a popular moisturiser for both men and women. It can relieve dry skin, as well as soothing small cuts and sensitive areas as an aftershave.

The anti-ageing properties of aloe are well documented. The vitamins in aloe vera can help with fine lines and wrinkles, as well as firming up the skin.


Aloe vera can help to shield the skin from bacteria and germs, and can be used to help the healing of small cuts and nicks.

It can also have benefits for stretch marks and scarring – although it’s not a miracle cure, aloe vera is a lovely product to use and is definitely beneficial for the overall quality of the skin.

If you’re a fan of natural skin care, aloe vera is one product that’s a must have for your skin care routine.


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