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Alleviate Migraines

Botox is one of the most well-known cosmetic treatments for fine lines and wrinkles. Though we might be familiar with its conventional uses, recently there have been calls for it to be available on the NHS for a very different purpose.

Botox has been found to have some positive effect on chronic migraines. No one quite knows why – but it could act as a muscle relaxant, blocking painful nerve signals.

Chronic migraines affect nearly 2% of adults in the UK. They involve having headaches for 15 days a month for 3 months, affecting people’s ability to work . With nausea, light sensitivity and vision distortion, they really can be severe and frustrating.

Though Botox has been shown to have some benefit, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence has called for more substantial evidence before recommending Botox as an NHS treatment.

Botox was approved in 2010 as a treatment for chronic migraine, but there needs to be greater certainty before it can be offered by the NHS on a wider basis – the placebo effect may be distorting positive results.

The cost effectiveness of Botox as a treatment could also be questioned. Top ups are often needed every few months which means a mounting expense for the NHS. However, if we factor in the cost of long term inability to work, it does begin to look more affordable.

Here at Natura, we’re always interested in new applications for existing treatments. A final decision on this use of Botox is expected in June, and we look forward to knowing the verdict.

Whether or not Botox is approved for migraines, it remains one of the most trusted cosmetic treatments for facial lines and unwanted sweating.

Natura remain committed to achieving natural and gradual results. With our range of treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, you can be sure to find an option that suits your individual needs.

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