Acne Treatment in Manchester

Are you looking for a clinic with Acne treatments in Manchester?

Feel comfortable in your skin again at Natura Anti Ageing Clinic.

At Natura we understand how serious a condition like acne can be for sufferers – our doctors have been treating patients both young and old with various acne conditions for over eight years.

Using a combination of lasers to treat the various types of acne, along with identifying any current skincare regime issues that may worsen the condition – we help our patients not only clear their skin, but ensure that they are doing everything possible to minimise any flare ups after the treatment course is completed.

A free skin evaluation at Natura

At Natura we always offer a free skin evaluation with one of our doctors. During your skin evaluation you will receive constructive advice on what is the best acne treatment available based on your individual skin condition.

When it comes to non-surgical cosmetic treatments, you’ll want a clinic with decades of experience, real expertise, and a way of understanding exactly what you need. We think that’s us. All our treatments are carried out by a doctor with over 30 years medical experience including anaesthetics and over 10 years in the field of cosmetic medicine.

Our aim is to enhance your appearance, giving you beautiful, natural-looking results. So if you don’t need it? Our doctor won’t recommend it.

Natura Anti Ageing Clinic is located in Manchester’s bustling Northern Quarter.

79 Thomas Street

First Floor

Manchester M4 1LQ

Call us on 0161 300 9060 to book your free skin consultation or for further information.