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Wedding Treatments Unveiled

wedding treatmentsWith wedding season nearly upon us it seems an increasing number of brides to be are going even further to achieve wedding perfection. Pre-wedding procedures are seeing huge growth, and are becoming as important as choosing the dress.

Non-surgical procedures can give great natural looking results but it is important to ensure that you seek treatment from an experienced, qualified practitioner. We have chosen our picks of pre-wedding treatments and a guide to what to look for to ensure you get the most out of your treatment in time for the big day.

The Vampire Facelift- Rejuvenate Skin With Your Own Blood

When To Have Treatment

The Vampire Facelift is a great treatment for those wary of using Botox or dermal fillers. Using your body’s own blood the platelet rich plasma (PRP) is extracted and re-injected to stimulate collagen production and to assist with healing. At Natura we use our Fractional CO2 Laser and the PRP is applied after which dramatically reduces the downtime. We would recommend having this treatment at least 10 weeks before the wedding. Results are further improved by having a polishing laser dermabrasion 4 weeks after treatment so you want to give your skin time to heal.

What To Avoid

Avoid having chemical peels close to the day, as the use of chemicals could cause a reaction and there is no telling how long this may take to heal. The Vampire Facelift is entirely natural, using your own blood so you know that your skin won’t react to it.

Botox- Smooth Lines And Wrinkles

When To Have Treatment

If you do decide to get Botox, do it at least a month before your wedding to prevent any bruising and to allow it time to work. It can take between 5 days and up to two weeks for it to fully ‘kick in’. If you do bruise easily, allow at least six weeks to make sure everything has settled down and your muscles have had time to respond to the treatment. You want to look natural and show your true emotions on the big day.

What To Avoid

There are growing numbers of people undergoing Botox at bridal parties at a reduced rate. It is important that your treatment is carried out by a professional because should it not be administered correctly there is very little that can be done to rectify it. Look for practitioners using Botox produced by Allergan. Allergan is the leading manufacturer of Botox so you know you are getting the very best the market has to offer.

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