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The Thighs The Limit

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With awards season well under way you have probably noticed that every A-lister from Angelina Jolie, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Lopez to newer starlets like Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Nikki Reed and even punk girl Kristen Stewart have been flashing out their legs in thigh high split dresses.

The trend has also been prominent during this weeks London Fashion Week, with designers such as Felder & Felder featuring thigh split dresses in their Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Despite its popularity, the celebrity skin that goes with them can seem an unrealistic goal. But thankfully there are great new treatments to eradicate those unwanted veins and banish cellulite.


One option for eradicating leg veins is sclerotherapy. A solution known as sodium is injected into individual veins to irritate and collapse them. It is recommended that patients wear compression stockings for several days after the procedure to maximize results. Two or three treatments are usually necessary, and the veins will look worse before they get better.

Laser Treatment

These veins can be effectively treated using the ND Yag laser. The ND Yag is used because the laser light has an affinity for the deoxygenated haemoglobin (veins that have less oxygen and more CO2.) The laser light penetrates the skin keeping it intact until it reaches the vessel. This heat then leads to an inflammatory process causing the vessels to close and disappear.


Velashape combines radio-frequency and infrared-light energy with suction and mechanical massage to stimulate collagen production and help metabolize the fatty deposits that cause dimpling. The added radio frequency can also offer a skin-firming effect. Each treatment feels like an intense, slightly warm massage. Four to six weekly sessions can improve the appearance of cellulite for six months. VelaShape can tighten skin on the hips, inner thighs, and abdomen.

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