Botox Worsley

Are you thinking about having Botox in Worsley? Natura Skin Clinic is based just a short drive from Worsley and all treatments are carried out in clinical safety by doctors.

With so many places offering Botox or similar Botox products, you could be forgiven for not knowing where to go and what to look for. At Natura Skin Clinic we only use FDA approved, Allergan Botox. Allergan is considered the leading manufacturer of Botox so you can be assured that you will be receiving the highest quality products.

How It Works

The main principle behind the working of Botox is to block the nerve impulses that connect the muscles where it is injected. Botox treatment can give people a more refreshed and younger looking appearance as their frown lines and wrinkles become less visible.

Botox is one of the world’s most popular cosmetic treatments not just because of the consistent and proven results, but also the minimal downtime of the treatment. Most patients have just a few marks post treatment which quickly fade an hour or so later.

Our doctors pride themselves on their ability to strike an even balance between visible yet natural looking results, avoiding the ‘frozen look’. Many patients comment on how their friends and family have said they look more refreshed, yet they are not entirely sure what they have done.

Your Free Skin Evaluation

At Natura we offer all new patient’s a free skin evaluation with the doctor. If you have never had Botox before, this is a chance for you to have any questions about the treatment answered. During the consultation, the doctor will explain exactly how the treatment will work and where the Botox will be administered.

So if you would like to find out more about Botox at Natura Skin Clinic call us on 01925 398 304 and book your free skin evaluation.