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Banish The Winter Blues At Natura

After Christmas and New Year, January always feels long and drawn out. It is often not eased by restricting resolutions that many of us make in an attempt to reduce some of the effects of the indulgent festive period.

Dieting, going alcohol-free and starting the gym are some of the most common resolutions. In addition to this we have dealt with some terrible, cold weather that left many snowed in at home. Thankfully January is coming to an end and we can start to plan and look forward to the warmer months.

After the harsh winter months, now is great to time to give your skin a boost. Or perhaps you suffer from unwanted veins. Vein removal and Fractional CO2 Laser treatments require protection from the sun in the weeks following treatment, perfect for this time of year when sunshine is practically non-existent!

Leg Vein Removal

Why Start So Early?

Depending on the method of vein removal, there can be some bruising or discolouration post treatment. This can last for anywhere up to 4 weeks. And then it can take 2-3 months to see the full results of the treatment. Also, more than one treatment is usually needed.

That’s why you should start now. Allow enough time for the results to take full effect. Come springtime your legs could be completely vein free. At Natura we have achieved excellent results from both laser vein removal and sclerotherapy. Find out more about our leg vein treatments here

Platelet Rich Plasma & Fractional CO2

Platelet Rich Plasma, or “The Vampire Facelift”, works by extracting the patient’s own blood, processing it and re-injecting it into areas of the face. Platelets are rich in hormones and proteins, which when injected in concentrated measures, are proven to stimulate the skin into repairing itself. This treatment is popular with celebrities with Anna Friel, Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie all said to have undergone the procedure.

The treatment has proven its versatility in recent months when used to complement Fractional CO2 Laser treatments. Platelet Rich Plasma reduces the downtime following ablative laser treatments, meaning the skin heals much faster. Post treatment redness is a common and understandable concern when considering a Fractional CO2 treatment, but this worry looks likely to be a thing of the past. Suitable for anti-ageing concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin and loss of volume, this treatment also addresses acne, both active and scarring.

During February and March, Natura will be offering this treatment at an introductory price to our patients.

Both PRP and Fractional CO2 Treatment (SmartXide) would typically cost £600 and £650 (for a full face) respectively. However, for a limited time we will be offering patients two full face treatments for £1495, saving you £1005. To take advantage of this great offer and give your skin a much needed boost contact the clinic on 01925 398 304 or email us at info@naturaskinclinic.co.uk for further information.

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